metal identification tags worn around the neck in the millitary
I forgot that I still had my dog tags on when I got in the shower.
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collectables on MGS series. Highly addictive and hazardous to your health. Found by holding guards up. THEY DO A DANCE (ô_o)
This dog tag is Hideo Kojima. Who is that?
by seismographitti 00 January 9, 2005
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The act of biting a females neck / back while hitting it from the doggy style position, such that a permanent bite mark will be left for the next person to hit it from the back to see.
Lisa said she was a Virgin, but when I hit it from the back, I noticed she had already been dog tagged twice. I knew she was a little horndog.
by Chinookpilot69 January 26, 2021
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Pendent that is rectangular shaped, worn as a style peice, usually wit a thin long chain, u can get watever printed on it like writin or a picture
That dog tag hot whered u get it at... the flea.
by ClapUpYaBrain September 11, 2005
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"Golden Dog Tags" are a less than commonly used term in the United States Armed forces, to describe one who has Fornicated with a member of every branch of service including their own. Masterbation does not count. The reason it is "less than commonly used" term, is due to the difficulty to get the opportunity for intercourse with other services.
Steven: bro do you remember that navy chick I watched a movie with lastnight?.. Fucked her right in the pussy. Guess who has their golden dog tags?..

Kyle: ew dude she was fat as fuck.

Steven: still counts pussy.
by Pusslicka22 October 21, 2014
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