when something you say is meant to be totally innocent & it sounds terribly sexual.
guy: you can come with me friday if u want, and it wont take too long i dont think, but idk i dont want you to be bored or have to go home right when i get out

girl: i dont careeee
girl: ill come
girl: and i dont care how long it'll takee

guy: oh sexual innuendo
by chaoticXcristina October 23, 2007
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Basically 1% of urbandictionary content, the other 99% being explicit sexual references.
Nelly : Small, bigger, biggest... Oh ! Sexual innuendo not intentional.
Erin : Shut up !
by Entre-cuisse_ August 15, 2017
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Thanks to the Internet and human nature, any sound capable of being produced by the human voice.
Person 1: I'm starving. Let's go get some lunch.
Person 2: You mean that you want to throat fuck me, then cum in my ass, don't you?
Person 1: Why do you assume everything is a sexual innuendo?
Person 2: LOL! You said "sex"!
by R2E February 29, 2008
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Sexual innuendo - Where a mod makes up rules and mutes for using a sexual innuendo because they feel like it.

For more information, see "Cunt"
by DaveClark1974 September 17, 2022
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