A consumer product where money is charged to provide the same information you received for free in grades K-12 but just in more convoluted terms.
Wow, this higher education is both expensive and somewhat familiar.
by Mario Sanchez August 5, 2006
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Higher education is education provided by universities, vocational universities (community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and technical colleges, etc.) and other collegial institutions that award academic degrees, such as career colleges.
I will be studying in the UK with a higher education course.
by little_one September 5, 2007
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A law Congress passed that denies college financial aid to misdemeanor drug offenders, but murderers, rapists, and robbers are still eligible for aid.
I can't afford college because I got caught with a joint, but Jeffrey Dahmer can get aid because of the Higer Education Act.
by Booblover October 26, 2003
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