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When you, or somebody has keys in their pocket it means that they have really boney hips, or the area below the hip, but before your leg starts. If you have "keys" in your jean pocket, you have a boney butt. #skinny #keysinmypocket #iwantkeysinmypocket
Jessie: "Hey you see that model, she got keys in her pocket!"

Callie: "Yea she is real skinny, but a nice body. I want keys in my pocket."

Keys In your pocket- the effect of a slim body making it appear you have a car key of some sort in your legging side, or jean pocket.
by keysforeverinmypocket November 22, 2017
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When you have an erection. It’s called “keys” because of Inserting the “key” into the “key hole.” you get it.
by 1273672 July 03, 2018
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