an accessory used to soo many different reasons. perfect for using in your hair but also perfect to wear as a bracelet on your wrist to compliment your outfit. scrunchies are also a symbol of love. when a boy gives a girl his sweatshirt the girl will give him her scrunchie. she wants him to wear it on her wrist so he thinks of her when they aren’t together
he’s wearing my scrunchie, what a vsco boyfriend🤩
by okurrrr1234 March 13, 2019
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a legendary hair tie used to put a girls entire outfit together
stranger 1: what is in her hair
stranger 2: a scrunchie
by MonkeyMan11 January 26, 2019
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It could be used as a hair accessory, or as an bracelet. Sometimes a girl will give it to someone special such as her boyfriend or so to indicate that they are dating or he’s taken.
Aw man that cute boy has a scrunchie on, must be from his girlfriend.
by Marleen xc August 14, 2019
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a type of hairband that is fluffy and big
look at my new scrunchie isn't it so cute?
by icherishme November 27, 2021
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A 90's hairpiece. Formaly worn by EVERYONE, and is now an embaressment to society.
The girl wore a scrunchie to school, then got chased out by everyone, due to lack of stylish hairpieces
by TippCityian July 2, 2004
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a very nice hair accessory that is currently being overused by basic white girls especially emma chamberlain
kailey: "hey guess what tiffany i got a new scrunchie and it looks just like emma chamberlains!"
by dopplegangercity September 15, 2018
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Hot chicks - usually with fur boots, big sunglasses and furry hooded jackets
"Damn look at those hot scrunchies"
by djstatus April 3, 2008
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