be my friend? sure. nice. except for that tasteless mistrust, so hard to chew.
while feeding me horrid accusations, i am here fighting for whats left of a family. and the worst of all, i really started it, believing in a better future. But all you suckers are just too afraid of anything that resembles presence, sincerity, loyalty, responsibility.
Is this a rant? Probably so. Am i hurt, bitter? Fuck yes.
"when ex lovers become strangers at war. when they can't seem to find family friendly solutions. when all they do is hurt one another. when one won't let the other leave without paying a price. when you know so many have been here before you and still its all just a little too much, that little bit that is pushing you over the edge."
by Krkič February 2, 2020
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To get curved by someone; to get led on by a female for an extensive amount of time
Damn bro, Richard got priced by Charlotte.
by Tyler Gilman November 27, 2017
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When a guy is trying to hook up with a girl and she is into it but he blows it at the last minute.
Will was flirting with a girl on the couch when i left. When i talked to him the next morning he said he blew it, he priced it.

He was so money, but he priced it...
by thedaveo May 18, 2009
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meaning "awesome", "cool", "hardcore", "classic","great" etc...can be used in context when discribing an object or a situation or an assesment of the general and overall coolness of something.
"dude, that new album I got today is so price!"

"man, you're new kicks look totally price holmes!"

" that julie, she's lookin' price tonite!"
by NaTeOnE November 23, 2004
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To slap one's manhood on a chunky girl's forehead
dude, how did you wake her up this morning?
yeah I Priced her!! she deserved it, she had to pay the Price!!
by queens ave hero August 23, 2010
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Desirable, impressive, or otherwise noteworthy. Usually attributed to something seen as expensive to a broke dumbshit. See also half-price
by mal June 18, 2004
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A person who is either trying to be, or actually is bloody cool.
Something that was awesome or incredible.
Mate, Are you trying to be Price?
That was some of the pricest s#!t EVER!
by ANIMALBM December 4, 2007
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