What a woman in the sex industry refers to her vagina as. (Pornstar, escort, stripper, etc) Her vagina is her primary body part that she makes a living from. If her purse is damaged in anyway; her income severely suffers.
Boyfriend: Do you like it when I go deep?

Girlfriend: Yeah, but not too deep

Boyfriend: Why

Girlfriend: I have to work the streets this weekend and I don't want you to hurt my purse...
by cityguychicago November 4, 2009
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When a little kid is getting bullied and goes to the women’s self defense course at the ymca and then kicks the bully in the groin
Bobby: THATS MY PURSE I DON’T KNOW YOU Bobby: kicks Peggy in her yuh huh. Peggy: I have no testicles Bobby where’s your secret weapon now. Random kid: SHE BLUFFING FINISH HER
by Yourmommyfattest January 14, 2021
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Shit my purse is when you shit yourself but you catch your shit with your butt before it ends up in your pants.
The other day, I farted really bad and I thought « I just shitted in my pants » but I was really happy to find out that I’ve only shit my purse.
by Ariannesugar April 8, 2021
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What one gay man says to another gay man when preparing to fight someone.
Gay #1: Maggie said it looks like a bus ran over your face this morning.

Gay #2: That bitch! Hold my purse.
by Willyummm August 7, 2010
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You're ready for sex.

You've got some sex built up inside of you.
"omg check out that guy"
*points at guy on beach*
by HisMadgesty April 16, 2009
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A meme that takes place on a fictional date in Olive Garden. The first person asks a question about something they enjoy. The date responds with something they find problematic, bad, unfortunate, and the date immediately begins shoving breadsticks into their purse and says they have to go home. Can also be told with the person asking what astrology sign they are, and the response is Gemini. Gemini is said to be a problematic sign on dates and therefore begins shoving breadsticks into their purse.
Me: What astrology sign are you?
Them: Gemini
Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: I have to go home now, immediately.
by Defineurslang July 27, 2015
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Describing someone's "personals," or something they find personal or unique to them.
Watching football on Sundays is my purse.
by I'm The Shit May 4, 2006
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