Something that is overly self-involved or self-indulgent.
"It's not some technical, masturbatory, 'see-what-I-can-do?' record." - Dave Grohl on 'Nevermind'.
by O'Hare June 30, 2006
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A certain room, it could be at ones house or work. used to masturbate in privacy. usually filled with comfortable furniture such as a bed or couch. also may include, but not limited to playboy magazines and other types of pornographic images, porn videos, internet porn, and a large t.v. For ones personal pleasure, there may also be lubricants or lotion.
"Dude I need to go to my masturbatory to work of this woody of mine."
by robodobe December 12, 2008
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A public restroom, especially one located on the campus of a coeducational institute of learning.
See you in class. I gotta stop at the masturbatory.
by Nappy Martin December 2, 2003
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Of, or relating to the act of masturbation.
"Come to my masturbatory aerobics class tomorrow."
by Dick Gottfried September 29, 2003
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as a masturbationist* he turns any room he can lock up into a masturbatory!
by albanix@free_fr November 1, 2003
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of, or relating to actions of a masturbatory nature.
Friend 1: Man my wrist hurts!!
Friend 2: Is it a masturbatorial injury?!
Friend 1: dude....ummm....I think you know what I'm talking about!
Friend 2: A little deep heat and she'll be ready to go again tonight.
Friend 1: wicked!
by Rossco69 May 25, 2006
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An adjective describing an image, mental or physical, as being suitable for the use of masturbation.
The way you just described that girl gave me a very masturbatory mental image.
by Beanerman4424 February 6, 2013
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