Crazy awesome good shit condensded. SWEEEET, only not so stupid sounding.
Man that is one super awesome tree, crazy man just crazy!
by ShoesRBad March 25, 2003
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awesome x 3 = Super-awesomeness
That new Heyday website is Super-awesome, i wish our site had Super-awesomeness.
by Baron Hania November 3, 2010
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Anyone you know who is so awesome, this is the only way to explain it. It takes talent and skill to be this awesome. You have to be born with it. Anyone who is ultra-mega-super-awesome is pretty much perfection. When talking about it as a feeling, it's like saying "the greatest feeling in world" instead of sounding like a kid of "loser status".
Scott is ultra-mega-super-awesome and when I'm around him I feel ultra-mega-super-awesome too.
by tokyo.thelittlemermaid September 17, 2010
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When you are more than besties and will always be there for each other. You laugh at each others super lame jokes all the time! Ultimate Super awesome mega besties usually don't know how they became friends, they just upgraded from stranger to Ultimate Super Awesome Mega Besties
John: We are friends right?
Lisa: Of course! no im wrong
John: So we arent friends?
Lisa: No I meant we were Ultimate Super Awesome Mega Besties
by Labi June 18, 2013
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The most incredible type of sex possible to have, very rare and hard to find, but doing so is totally worth it.

The easiest method is to go either Amsterdam's Red Light District located in the Netherlands or (in)famous brothels in Nevada USA.

Be prepared to shell out some major cash for the best sex you will ever experience.EVER!!!
Guy One: "I headed out to that one awesome strip club you told me about it kicked ass and I boned this really hot chick"

Guy Two: "Great to hear it, how was she in the sack?"

Guy One: "Amazing, easily the best I ever had, it totally counts as Super Awesome Wild Monkey Sex ."

Guy Two: "Seriously? Man your a lucky SOB! Do you have her number, I want to see if she willing to have a threesome..."
by Monkey-With-Wrench November 3, 2009
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1. A common phrase from the Internet series "Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series". It is used to show objects, persons, or anything in particular that are very unique and cannot be described using super, special, or awesome, by themselves.

2. It is also used to show something exactly the opposite by putting the word "not" in front of the phrase.

3.This phrase in the series has had it's own meaning lost to the characters a few times. :P
1. "By the way Kaiba, I've forgiven you for hospitalizing my grandpa. Can we be super special awesome friends now?"-Yu-Gi-Oh: the Abridged Series.

2/3. "This is so not super special awesome, whatever that is."-Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series.
by Kyle Dent June 17, 2008
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