An artist whose legacy has been completely trashed and reduced to kitsch by the modern-day hipster populous.

Ironically enough, Warhol probably would have enjoyed this, as it would have meant money for him (thank you, Urban Outfitters and The Andy Warhol Foundation), which, at the end of the day, was all he ever really cared about, to the extent of alienating some of the only people who ever truly cared about him (Edie Sedgwick not included).
Person: Who is your favorite artist?

Freshman NYU art student: Andy Warhol.
by Humberttt November 26, 2007
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A hugely influential Pop-Artist, Film-maker, and Sculptor, along with being a sponsor of 'The Velvet Underground' in 1967.
Famed for works such as his Marylin Monroe, and Campbell's Soup Tin.
On of my favourite 20th century artists is Andy Warhol.
by Oliver S Knight July 25, 2006
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Very hip figure in the 60's when he was the poster boy for Pop Art and hip culture. He died of gallstone surgery at a young age. Unfortunately increasing numbers of annoying rich kids are discovering him and trying to be 'deep' by dropping his name into any and every conversation.
Me: What's 8x148 do you know?

Linux: Andy Warhol!! oh God I'm so provocative I should be on Mind of Mencia!
by Angelacia April 16, 2007
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A prolific revolutionary and proponent of the Pop Movement in the 1960s underground art scene, who was bent on exposing with his early works just how utterly superficial American society truly is, and forcing the abstract expressionists to recognize what they tried so ardently to block out. Warhol's immensely troubled personal life, however, is at times more fascinating than his art in itself.

His more popular works are now being bastardized by such teeny bopper clothing establishments as HotTopic and Urban Outitters. While this typically angers the hardened Warholiac who has spent years buidling a greater understanding of the true "genius" and social/homoerotic commentaries of Warhol's works, the true irony of this the current hatred of "Warhol mania" of the teen world by many an art elitist is that Warhol himself would have loved having his works (and his name) pimped out and reduced to kitsch by the younger generations, as he himself commonly stated and participated in (namely in the 1980s).
13-year-old: OMGZ! andy warhol is SOOOO teh sex! i just got the kewlest bag with a big banana on it from Urban Outfitters!!11!!1 warhol is my favorite artist EVER!! i got a marilyn monroe sleep mask too!

Person who has studied Andy Warhol: You do realize you're sporting a giant phallus on your bag, and that the Marilyn was a rumination on death, correct?

13-year-old: ...uuuh yeah. it's so pretty!!! warhol was a genius!!

Person who has studied Warhol: Please get away from me.
by AnnieJane April 28, 2007
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one female is giving a rim job (licking her butt hole) and a guy starts butt fucking the girl getting rim jobed and then leads to a war over the hole hence the name.
lets go have an Andy Warhole over there.
by Andy756Jackson January 27, 2011
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A man with more brain dead fangirls than Clay Aiken.
by Humberttt November 17, 2007
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To put your hand over someones face. Following this, the 'Andy Warholler' usually screams "ANDY WARHOL!!!"
This is a tradition in many rural English East Anglian secondary schools as it originated there on October 26th 2007. It is also used in the act of mating when either gender has a face like a horse, but the body of a godess/god,this covers up the horse face and allows for maximum pleasure.
"Dude! You totally just Andy Warholed Sam"

"Yeah, I know"
by Will. December 1, 2007
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