Hallucinogenic mushrooms contain psilcybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. Shrooms are incredible and nearly non-toxic too. By incredible I mean it can be the best experience of your life or the worst experience of your life depending on the mood at the time, setting, and who you are with. A good trip can be a learning expeience and lead to extremely thoughtful introspection. A bad trip is as bad as watching your whole family die in a car accident or you can end up being as paranoid as if you were being chased by a guy with a chainsaw in a maze. Seriously, it is incredible. Do not trip right after a bad experience or if you have alot of unpleasant thoughts going through your head at the time. Go into the trip optimistic and usually it will go good, though it is pretty unpredictable. Mild dose effects are colors seem alot more vibrant (blue seeming bluer, black seeming blacker), patterns seem more interesting and intricate, an undescrible feeling of an oncoming mental revelation, giddiness or anxiety. Higher dose effects include extreme laughter, uncontrollable racing thoughts, colors changing and a feeling that each and every color gives a certain tone to your inner most being (hard to explain unless you've tried them), distortions of all senses, hyper awareness of taste, smell, music (listen to your favorite band), pictures coming to life and everything becoming three dimensional, or may cause extreme paranoia and/or uncontrollable crying. Also, the beshroomed will have a totally undescribable yet very significant feeling that he/she has attained knowledge that they can not and will not ever lose, just to be a memory the next day. Dosages break down like this: 20-30 grams of wet shrooms is enough to have a good trip. 50 grams is nick-named the "Hero trip". Dried shrooms is 1/10 the weight of wet shrooms, so 2-3 grams of dried shrooms is a pretty good trip while 5 grams is the "Hero trip". Anything more and your in for a crazy time. Trip with a trusted friend!
by Shaggy Sean September 4, 2005
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a form of mushroom that makes you hallucinate in the best way, it opens up your eyes to the real important things in life and makes you realize the meaning of life (you will forget what it is when your done tripping) it gives you a serious case of the giggles, and when i say giggles i mean you wont be able to stop laughing hysterically for about an hour. It makes you feel like everything is perfect and you feel like you will explode out of love. you can eat them or smoke them but eating them is much better. i think it makes me feel like a baby because you relearn things you already knew, and it makes you laugh at just about anything, like if someone makes a funny face be prepared to laugh for about 20 minutes. many people think it makes you seriously hallucinate hardcore like you will see a unicorn playing with a panda bear or something but its really not like that, the most i have ever hallucinated was when i went camping and shroomed i saw peace signs and rainbows and moons and stars (like star shaped) and ying yangs in the sky, and another time the trees were wiggling but nothing major. and when i did see the peace signs in the sky i didnt believe they were actually there, i knew it was just the shrooms. shrooms is a great "drug" but it needs to be respected and treated as a learning experience. You also need to go into it with a positive mental attitude or you will have a bad trip, i have never experienced a bad trip so i cannot explain to you what its like but i hear its not fun at all. oh and i think its more fun to shroom at night.
one of my favorite shroom stories:

me and some friends each took an eighth of dried mushrooms and on once they started to kick in we walked to a park and on the way i felt like the dinosaurs from the land before time and felt like we were on our adventure to the great valley (the park). once we got there we just played on the jungle gym, the swings and slide were super fun, but the best thing was this little individual merry-go-round where you sit on it and your friends spin you on it, anyways that thing was so much fun!!! we were playing on that for over an hour, just spinning and looking up at the stars!! then when we left the park to go back to our friends house for some odd reason we decided to run and it felt and looked like we were running as fast as the flash, anyways we ran right past the turn we were supposed to make so then we got lost in this really nice neighborhood for about 2 hours, and we just kept saying stuff like "why do people need so much stuff?! this is just ridiculous!! they have huge ass mansions while other people dont even have homes! why cant they help other people out???" so then we got started on saying "fuck that house!!!" or "fuck that car!!!" anyways we were just running up and down the streets laughing our brains out and eventually we found our way back to the house and once we got in the house i said "YOU GUYS!!! DO YOU REALIZE THAT IF THERE WASNT A HOUSE AROUND US WE WOULD STILL BE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET?!?!?" ahhahaha and then we noticed my brother was missing so we everyone was like "where's leo?" and i say "i bet he is still out on the corner staring at that one house!!" so i go look and sure enough there he is just standing on the corner staring very intensely at this house. then he comes inside and we all have this laughing fit and i say "i bet if one of us threw up or something we would just laugh even harder!!!!" 20 minutes later one of my friends runs to the bathroom and starts puking and sure enough we just started laughing even more hysterically. after that we all just kinda layed down and turned the lights down low and stared at the walls till we drifted off to sleep. the entire trip was like 5-6 hours. and its not called a trip because you trip balls but its called a trip because doing shrooms feels like a journey.
by luna baloona May 6, 2009
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Looking at other definitions of the word "shrooms", we know what they are and what they do. Heres something you may not know about a mushroom/acid hallucenation:

To the common everyday man (or lady), a shroom trip will seem like how Tim O' Brien describes warfare: "a great chaos ghostly fog, thick and permanent. There is no clarity. Everything swirls. The old rules are no longer binding, the old truths no longer true. Right spills over into wrong. Order blends into chaos, love into hate, ugliness into beauty, law into anarchy, civility into savagery. The vapors suck you in. You can't tell where you are, or why you're there, and the only certainty is overwhelming ambiguity." Such a feeling brings about a sense of freedom. The beshroomed may laugh continuously from this feeling, without realizing that nothing is funny, and they probably look stupid.

To the select few (probably Timothy Leary and John Lennon), a trip may seem like a journey into a different perspective. The chaos may offer a new look on what one defined differently before tripping. For example a forest fire, though destructive, is also captivating. Logic tells us to fear a wide spread fire, but on shrooms, one's perspective might shift to perceiving simplistic beauty in every natural process or activity. The beauty of the intricate pattern of bark on a tree may be overwhelming to the beshroomed. One may receive an intense feeling of nirvana: the terrific sense of balance that Buddhists seek through meditation (if only they knew the feeling can come from consuming a fungus). Thus the spiritual beshroomed can transcend this chaos that comes from tripping, and turn it into perfect order, this feels like God handing you his pencil, giving you the chance to recreate your own life (and now that you have reached a state of nirvana, you feel up to the task!).
Try to remember of course, that shrooms are just drugs. Like waking up from a good dream, you will eventually come down from your trip and back to reality, with only a hazy memory of what just happened.
If you are one of those select few, be sure to take what you just saw seriously. Shrooms can be a good gateway into yourself, assuming you are not feeling emotional at the time (you might just be thinking about whatever is agitating you).
by LOLZMUSHROOMSLOLZ October 9, 2007
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An enjoyable drug that makes things hilarious and makes people's faces do crazy things. Listen to Frank Zappa.
When I did mushrooms, the corner of the room started to stretch into a point of infinity like taffy. Then we listened to Frank Zappa's version of Purple Haze and I laughed until I nearly pissed myself. My friends faces did weird things and I picked up this tortilla chip, looked at it, and said "swaddling clothes." Then we were smoking outside and my friend lunged at me from 10 feet away and burned me with a cigarette and broke his hand on a pickle jar. Then we played with the drum machine. That was my experience on mushrooms.
by IHeartShrooms May 12, 2004
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something that God put on this world to open up a mental gateway and help us better understand what the real purpose and meaning of life is, but is used by few due to the fact that the fuckin government makes it out to be a bad thing and therefore illegalized it
adam and eve probably first discovered God after eating the shrooms he conveniently placed in the garden. what the fuck does that tell you??
by Khronic March 12, 2006
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when using shrooms watch the movie Dawn of the Dead, or Pink Floyd the wall they are fucking intense
when trippin out on shrooms i was hanging over a sink eatting icecream with my hands, which just seemed like a good idea at the time, i listened to the comfortably numb solo it lasted what felt like an hour and my hand was fucking cold from the ice cream.
by Shroom Face April 30, 2006
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Hands down, one of the greatest experiences of my life. My friends and I all did it together, it was a couple of our first times, and we all had positive outlooks on it, and just had such freaking amazing trips. Lights put you in a trance, you can see the vibrations of things, and just everything is so much more vibrant. But, one of my friends were having a very negative outlook on the shrooms and had a very bad trip. Constant paranoia, sweating profusely, seeing fucked up shit, and so on. But seriously, shrooms was easily one of the sweetest things I've ever done.. The only thing is, it's impossible to sleep while on shrooms.

It's unexplainable about how you feel, but wow, it is ever so wonderful.

Don't go out to a party if it's your first time, it's much better to be with your friends at one of your houses, just chillin - It will keep everyone calm, and just so much of a better trip.

Shroomhead 2: "Don't listen to him, he's trippin on shrooms, we were watching the stick."
by thatonegirl05 October 6, 2007
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