woah man its a priprivileged experince to be a live wow.
by ethanspseudonym May 24, 2020
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Woman: I am so tired of getting harassed on the street just cause I am a female.
Man: As a privileged white man I can tell you that you are wrong. Don't like it? Then carry a gun!
by Smaks November 5, 2014
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when a seal turns to look directly at you and farts at exactly the right moment
"Yo, dude, look what YouTube recommended to me."
-"Is that a farting seal?"
"Yeah, I wish that were me!"
-"Whoever got to witness this is so privileged."
by doris and boris December 4, 2020
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The belief that members of particular groups, sexualities, genders, sexes, races, etc. are afforded advantages in society for being a member of said group.

The term was popularized by the regressive left and is generally used as an easy button to shut down discussions/arguments and blame others for one's own shortcomings. Achievements earned by others through hard work are dismissed as just further evidence of their privilege.

By accepting this philosophy, believers in this religion create a world where all their failures are the fault of someone else, and all the successes of others are because they possessed some inherit unfair advantage.
Bill: I can't get a decent job, I'm fat because of poor genetics, and I'm poor because of institutionalized racism. I wish I had your privilege John.

John: So your decision to screw off in school, constantly eat junk food, knock up your ex who you now have to pay child support to has nothing to do with your current situation?

Bill: John you seriously need to check your privilege.
by jellybellyjones June 2, 2017
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A group of Karens traveling together. Similar to a pride of lions, except the lions want to speak to the manager.
“There’s a privilege of Karen’s approaching that McDonald’s. Better go to Burger King instead.”
by Wolfcrane8 May 3, 2020
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A word used by some people to relay that they are telepathic and know what the other person's circumstances are, and what they were thinking when they said or did something.
Your privilege is why you said "it is wrong to use your welfare check to buy gold necklaces."
by Some_White_Dude June 10, 2013
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A group of Karen gathered is known as a privilege.
That officer was viciously assaulted by a privilege of Karens!
by Praescius April 23, 2020
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