a word as if to prove a point, though no point has actually been proven. this usually ends an argument as the other person would much like to avoid any further nonsense which could lead to their own confusion (which is what the first person intended).
"myspace is being BORING!! why?"
--"because i'm the coolest thing ever."
"wait.. so.. myspace is boring because you're the coolest thing ever?"
"but that makes no sense."
by Freddy said so. October 3, 2006
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Exactly: Ends a What conversation.
Goes hand in hand w/ What?

Jeff: "Hey Mike...want to help me move on saturday?"

Mike: "What?"

Jeff: "What?"

Mike: "Exactly?"
by EBro June 3, 2005
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the easy way out of an argument you have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. the pansy's way out. only to be used by wimps.
"Amy, you're a butthead"
"no, i'm not."
"yes you are!"
by Bite me, my love. November 11, 2002
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A word used in a fight with your significant other to annoy them and prove your point. Can only be said by the female in the relationship, so boys, you can suck it.
-but you said I was a douche
-so I'm really a douche?
-I see now, I'm an inferior male, I love you
by hollyistheshit. January 13, 2010
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of or pertaining to one's hygientic state in which his/her oral hygiene mirrors another part of the body, in most cases their ass.
Lelands has a bad cases of exactly, his breath smells exactly like his ass.
by Nefearious K. December 18, 2004
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