Me:hey can I get two sausage McMuffins and a McFlurry (at McDonald’s)
Them: ohhhhhh sorrryyyy our ice cream machine is broken
by Yepthatswhatisaid March 20, 2019
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A restaurant that people sue their weight in money after eating there.
Bob: “What happened to you?”
Joe: “I ate at McDonald’s.”
Bob: “So how much do you weigh now?”
Joe: “100,000 pounds.”
Bob: “So you’re suing for $100,000 then?”
Joe: “Yup.”
by SociopathicDuck January 28, 2019
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A fast food franchise that kills its sweatshop workers that make the happy meal toys that are too tired, too injured or simply can’t work cos their 5. They fatten the discarded workers up and torture them every day to produce loads of tears. The discarded workers are then slaughtered and are produced into the food. The tears are produced into deep fat fryer oil and the drinks.
After finding out what McDonald’s does on urban dictionary John now understands why they’re so successful.
by DaSluttyMary April 14, 2019
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McDonald’s is a fast food place where kids and adults could enjoy usual American dishes like burgers, fries ect. McDonald’s has fed billions of people and it’s a good food place. It’s also a place in which if kids see it while their parents are driving they will most likely ask to stop and get some food.
Mom: *drives by McDonald’s *
Kid: Hey mom can we get McDonald’s ?

Mom: Do you have McDonald’s money?
Kid: So we aren’t getting McDonald’s .
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A popular fast food place where they serve pops,French fries,and hamburgers!
Let’s eat at McDonald’s?
by justdance480 August 23, 2019
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Macdonald is a fast food restaurant that has fatty food you can gain 20 pounds by one burger
Brittney- lets go to McDonald’s

Bob- ok I am down
by Secret admirer April 17, 2020
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