What an OU tard will be living off once it "graduates" from OU aka TardU. Since it never received a proper education and therefore doesn't have any skills for the real world and nobody will want to hire them when they see that the person has "graduated" from OU.
Shiii ese, nobody wanna hire me man, so I'm just waiting on my next welfare check and hopefully I'll be able to finesse some cigs with it.
by TurnM3Up May 4, 2020
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can you say''free money''
bill-were did u get money for thos j's

tyrone-from my welfare check bitch
by ray ray flores December 23, 2006
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A check the Government gives "poor" people to buy alcohol, drugs, and pay their drug dealer
I cannit wait to get me's welfare check so I's can go's and get s'more crack
by TX1148 May 14, 2014
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When people of higher authority in certain small townships (normally more cases north of the mason Dixon line and worse large cities in common wealth states such as Pennsylvania or surrounding states such as New York)
Corrupted law enforcement (one bad apple of the group in any Police department) will stop by your house, if it's unlocked or seems unlocked, they will perform a 'welfare check' which is just a way to enter a home illegally, steal, plant evidence etc. Just a loop hole to invade somelone house based purely on unethical servants of the community.
by June 21, 2022
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Big fuzzy overused balls put into action just to get another check,cause you know after 5 kids your wifes meat wallet be droopin like a yo-yo.
Awwww son! I'm gettin me an 84 Cutlass since I got the ol' Welfare Check Makers cranked up again.
by Swifty Cumberdale December 26, 2007
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Opening the oven to check if there are any pots, pans, and/or Tupperware left inside before using it to cook. This is a reference to the common practice among European-Heritage Americans living below the poverty line to use the oven as a storage place when not in use.
I had to do a White Trash Welfare check so my MeeMaw didn't burn the house down like Mama did preheating that oven full of Tupperwares back in '82.
by WendyWuessten January 27, 2022
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