The belief that members of particular groups, sexualities, genders, sexes, races, etc. are afforded advantages in society for being a member of said group.

The term was popularized by the regressive left and is generally used as an easy button to shut down discussions/arguments and blame others for one's own shortcomings. Achievements earned by others through hard work are dismissed as just further evidence of their privilege.

By accepting this philosophy, believers in this religion create a world where all their failures are the fault of someone else, and all the successes of others are because they possessed some inherit unfair advantage.
Bill: I can't get a decent job, I'm fat because of poor genetics, and I'm poor because of institutionalized racism. I wish I had your privilege John.

John: So your decision to screw off in school, constantly eat junk food, knock up your ex who you now have to pay child support to has nothing to do with your current situation?

Bill: John you seriously need to check your privilege.
by jellybellyjones June 2, 2017
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A group of Karens traveling together. Similar to a pride of lions, except the lions want to speak to the manager.
“There’s a privilege of Karen’s approaching that McDonald’s. Better go to Burger King instead.”
by Wolfcrane8 May 3, 2020
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Thinking you deserve an indulgent lifestyle.
It's simple. If you're trying or you've had to try your whole life, you usually get what you put in. Privilege is thinking you deserve no less than fill in your blank with your imagination. Someone who's always tried at something doesn't live a life of privilege or entitlements.
by Solid Mantis September 18, 2019
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Regardless of race. If you’re born in USA or American citizen you are privileged.
All Americans are privileged.🇺🇸
by WhiteTrashDCash December 20, 2020
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Collective Noun: A group of Caucasian people (3 or more).
I saw Arcade Fire last night, the audience was a Cracker short of a Privilege.
by CheeksMcDuff June 7, 2017
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A word used to describe someone who is usually in a position of power and authority who either uses racism for their own benefit or is unaware of their own racist tendencies. Using racism for benefit employs inequality to justify inequality, and while the denial of such is also regarded as a privilege, it is not used pejorativly and so it is never used. One who is unaware usually needs to be educated on racism and cultural competency, compared to one who knows and does not employ such tactics.

Additionally, it is used in reference to systems of oppression with the exception of being addressed in a fair and equitable manner, because people want a share of the inequality pie. People who pejoratively address privilege often are a symptom of the bigger system of oppression that is racism in an increasingly intersectional society.
Thing 1: "hay did you see that meme with the tigers in the hot tub, talking about money being were blankets are at and not frosted flakes?"

Thing 2: "guess I need to go to Mexico to get it."

Thing 1: "check your privilege"
by A_token_kid December 30, 2020
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A privilege is some random crap that your parents will give you call your ass when you ask for some more responsibility.
Annoying Kid: Give me more Responsibilities!!!
Parents: I’ll give you some privileges instead( and ruin your fucking life)
by WickedShit March 20, 2018
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