Something none of us should be doing right now
I don't see how you don't get the description, existing is pretty straight forward
by ThatOneKidDrew September 16, 2017
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1. the one thing that all people with depression wish they weren't.
2. not floating around in someone's sub-consience
1. Why do I have to exist?
2. OOOO...pretty colors!
by Manda January 25, 2004
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It hurts..... It just hurts all the time. I don't like it. I seriously just lay in bed all day and think "God this fucking hurts. I don't like this at all. I wish this wouldn't have happened to me." I mean seriously. On, literally, every level of analysis it just hurts. Do you fucks feel that shit? Like really feel it? I mean.... Ouch man. Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining but Ooooowwwwiieee!!! Ouch! Wtf!? Waking up to a blinding light and a non-stop sensory barrage, for me, is like the worst kind of mind fuck. Like, I can't even imagine doing this shit to someone! It's kind of neat and inarguably, inherently meaningful but holy shit it's like stubbing your metaphysical toe. I'm mean wow man!! I wish my IQ was lower. Trust me. Being able to put it into words makes it so much worse! I mean I get being depressed (believe me) but being able to deconstruct and articulate the act of existing just make it so real. Way too real. And you guys bum my ass out big time.
Ishmael "Hey Pete what has existing been like for you?"

Pete "Well, I woke up to this blinding light and ever since I've just been getting reemed by this sensory barrage non-stop. My only reprieve from which is the few hours a night I manage to turn brain into rest mode. And the real mind fuck is the fact that I can only experience it from my perspective. Which means I know exactly how 'real' it is for me; but I can't, in anyway, confirm that it is as 'real' for YOU as it is for ME! And it's terrifying! I feel like I'm in a blizzard holding a match trying to keep it from blowing out! God, It's like some quasi-schrodinger box shit where it's simultaneously too real, too surreal, and unreal all the same time! You could kill yourself but still it's like 'does it stop? Does it not stop? Is it pain forever? Or does it feel good forever? Is it non-existence again? Last time I was in a state of non-existence it ended abruptly with a blinding light and a non-stop sensory barrage! Fuck me man. Seriously. I mean ouch. Literally ouch times infinity."

Ishmael "Dude..... Seriously, wtf?"
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by Hym Iam November 27, 2018
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