Something none of us should be doing right now
I don't see how you don't get the description, existing is pretty straight forward
by ThatOneKidDrew September 16, 2017
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something that you are forced to do every second of your life.
by [Ribbon] September 10, 2018
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The only possible situation.
(Inexistence doesn't exist. Therefore only existence exists. Therefore we exist)
All there is, is existence - everywhere
by Bob October 28, 2003
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Hey did you know you exist? I exist to! That plant over there exists to! Unless there isn’t a plant over there in which that theoretical plant would not exist. Do you get the point yet?
Person: “I exist!”
Everybody else: “We know
by PersonWhoExist December 20, 2020
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Something you will search up when you're having an existential crisis.
Kid: Mom, what is my existence?
Mom: Welcome to the club. We all here are suffering.
by Suck my piano June 23, 2019
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