A saying/online expression that is mainly used by social justice warriors to remind that the body they are born in comes with specific privileges that do not apply to specific arguments or situations. The phase also suggests that when considering another person's plight, one must acknowledge one's own inherent privileges and put them aside in order to gain a better understanding of his or her situation.
White cis boy: After the divorce, Michelle gets to keep the kids even though she didn't take care of them.
Sjw: so?!?!? You're white!!!1 you're cis!! You're a MALE!!! Check your privilege.

If you are in a heated home, typing on your laptop, you are privileged.
by martini666 February 15, 2015
A term that started on social media some time that tells people to check how privileged they are. It has turned into a comeback by people against people like rich teens or over privileged adults.
Rich Kid: Oh my God my Mercedes smells like crap from that private dinner with the Prime Minister of England.
Person 1: Shut up kid and check your privilege
by Xx_PC_P3RSON_xX October 10, 2015
getting someone to acknowledge their own inherent privileges and reminding them to put them aside in order to better understand another human's plight.
"...Bruce Jenner...."
PC Principal- "Did you just say 'BRUCE'?! It's not Bruce fuckin' Jenner! It's Caitlyn, and she's a fuckin' stunning woman. You need to check your privilege."
by Mrs.Stkrdknmibalz October 2, 2015
A phrase used when someone is operating in a sheltered mindset of racial, sexual, national or other exceptionalism. This phrase is typically employed when someone is speaking in an arrogant or ignorant manner, or being smug or condescending as a result of privileged status that they were born into, or achieved by virtue of their race, class, or caste.
Things one would respond to with "Check your privilege":

1. If the ghetto is so bad, why don't they just move out?
2. Is racism really even an issue anymore?
3. If they're so poor, they should just get a better job.
4. Well of course they're losing their house, it was a poor investment. Serves them right.
5. My parents worked hard so I don't need a handout.
by This isn't a made-up sex act. December 26, 2013
A phrase to check someone complaining and whining about their first world problems, when in reality they have it pretty good compared to majority of the human population living in real miserable third world problems. It shuts them up and makes them regain another perspective on how they're behaving and perhaps even spark change in them from being malignant narcissistic to perhaps less self absorbed and maybe even humanitarian.

A phrase to check your friends when they're bitching, grumbling and fussing over something super petty, i.e. a boy, girl, ego, service, materialism, from ruining a good time in the moment with you.

A phrase to check anyone who is immodest, pretentious and wildly smug of their wealth, material, looks and status and has no comprehension that their quality of life was largely due to luck where they born and how they were raised. And some of these types of people also do nothing to help others or community and have a crazy sense of entitlement and selfishness.
"Fuck damn shit! I lost my fucking phone!! Oh my god I'm gonna die!"
"It'll turn up.. You'll find it"
"I need it now! I can't live without my fucking phone dude!" (starts crying or really panicky)
"Check your privilege! We're gonna be late!"

"Oh my god, the bartender is such a bitch. I do NOT liker her. And these drinks are not that strong, and my food is freaking cold! So not tipping!
"Check your privilege, you better tip or I'm gonna have to tip for you!

(Danish girl) "Shit, I can't see the doctor til Friday and I have class that day.. and I wanted to fly out right after for holiday.
(American guy) "pfft! I can't even afford to see a doctor for my major illness, nor afford college in my extortionate inhumane country, check your privilege!
(Haiti girl) "bitches please! I live with no electricity, scraps for food, no shelter, no clean water and grim chance for a prosperous future, and the only healthcare I came close to was seeing Sean Penn in the distance once when I was bleeding in a puddle of slop, check YOUR privilege!
by renegadefilmmaker January 4, 2014