When someone ain’t wrong. Or knows it

Girl : wow your dick is big!

Man: you ain’t wrong there

Can add bud if needed for extra effect or fucking

‘you ain’t fucking wrong there bud’

Person 1.
Bleddy hell that must of hurt

Person 2.

You ain’t wrong there
by rupert o'johnson February 13, 2020
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A phrase, typically used in southeastern US, to concede that someone may be right in pointing out a problem, but either lack a solution or have a bad solution. They’re not wrong, but they also aren’t right.
Jimbo: “I’m not gonna vote. A two party system limits my options. Why should I go out and vote for a candidate I don’t prefer? It’s always the lesser of two evils.”

Mike: “Well, you ain’t wrong Jimbo.”
by Dnalyaw October 28, 2020
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a phrase meaning, there's no point in arguing with you because you adamantly believe in a scientific fallacy- something that has been scientifically/socially proven to be false
father: son, your bloody report card is here.

son: oh, if my report card has rotten eggs in it, I won't even bother looking at it.

father: in that case, lol, I take away your allowance. Now, kiss Don Corleone's ring, or die.

son: I guess either you eat bacon, or you are wrong.
by Sexydimma May 25, 2015
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01: To give misleading instructions to you.
02: To direct you in the wrong way (not always intentionally).
Don't steer anybody wrong and expect nothing to happen.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 27, 2005
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The name says it all.

A copy-and-pasted term always found in the comments section of popular YouTube videos intended to get likes so the comment gets to the top. Usually written by ten year olds to help their self esteem. Also almost always comes after the mind trick or phrase "I have a dig bick."
Person 1: (Passes note to person 2)
*I have a dig bick
You this read wrong*

Person 2: OK you got me bro.
by I u53 h@x October 16, 2017
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when someone can't graduate from school without kissing the principal's cock
if you think you can graduate from this school without kissing my cock.....you are dead wrong
by hamorabi April 12, 2021
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