A slang term for girlfriend or boyfriend. Started in Portland, Oregon it is quickly spreading amongst groups of friends.
Dude1- "Hey man you tryin to go to westmo tonight?"
Dude2- "can't man. I've got priority."
Jack- "I would've danced with her but, you know, I have priorities."
by cumsum June 11, 2006
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A measurement used to distinguish between items of work that are all deemed by the customer to be the highest priority.

When everything is priority 1, you can calculate the total priority by asking what order those tasks should be done in. The total priority is a representation of this order, for instance 1a, 1b, 1c.

If you find you end up with multiple items with the same total priority, simple repeat the process and append another letter e.g. 1aa, 1ab, 1ac until they get the message.
"Taking into consideration the total priority of those 20 high priority tasks, I think I'll be able to do 3 of them by next week"
by lovetoseeit February 14, 2021
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Any point in time when a spouse, child, family member or ANYONE ELSE in your physical perimeter becomes subordinate to text, email, tweet or any other virtual bullshit method of communication.
Hey mom, did you hear about the kid that turned COVID positive at school today?
***continues texting***
Yeah, so it turns out that he was at the graduation party last week.
***continues texting***
And so I got tested for the virus.
***continues texting***
I'm positive for COVID-19


(Priority Fail)
by YAWA July 15, 2020
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A priority friend is the kind of friend you would drop all prior plans to hang out with. The best kind of best friend.
Junior: Oh man!!! I waited at the pub for an hour and you didn't show up?? What happened?

Mike: Sorry man! I got "the call" from Chris last night wanting to hang out. I drop all my plans when he calls. Life is just more fun with a friend like him. Chris is my priority friend.

Junior: Oh, that's ok then. I'd do the same if I'd got "the call" from Chris. He's worth it.
by MikeBus October 23, 2010
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Corporate speak for "We really don't care about this as to do so would affect profits, but our PR team advise that we should pretend to."
Following an accident leading to significant injury that is being reported in the media: "Safety is a top priority for us"

When your internet or phone or on-line bank is not working due to cost-saving measures: "Our customers' convenience is our top priority."
by Greenplanetfish December 6, 2018
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The perk one gets from giving big tips or being known for giving big tips.
Matt had 8 pizzas to deliver but tip priority meant that he’d deliver the freshest one first. That guy always slipped him a $20.

Ari knew that the woman at table two was very generous and gave her table tip priority all night.
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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When you have better things to do then hang out with your friends
I got a girl
I got a job
I got my priorities strait
by The Josh Man June 30, 2004
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