A Junior is some one that once you meet you will never want to leave his side he is funny and really interesting to talk about once any girl meets him all they want is to have them to their self.A Junior is a boy that once he sees a girl he likes he wants to go for her no matter if she likes him or not he will treat her like she's he's he will talk about you all the time even when you are not there he will he will try to save you even though you don't want to be saved he will hold you close and make sure whenever he's around you are never sad.If you have a Junior never loose him if for some reason you push him away your a complete ass hole and just made the biggest mistake of your life
Junior is the best guy you will ever have the chance to meet in a lifetime
by Unknown_princesses🖤 April 8, 2018
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This person is a hot head. He is good with the ladys but takes to much on his plate. He is athletic, funny,smart and crazy cute.
what up Junior

snap: jrperry4710
by irul January 5, 2019
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a very sexy handsome smart man who has 3 siblings or is cute he is very rich and well be come smart and rich someday
by Juniorthesmartest October 12, 2020
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A funny, reliable and a ladies man but he can also get really pissed so be sure to get on his good side or he'll go off on you like theres no tomorrow
Mason Hey Junior whats up
Junior A nigga whats up
idk ok
by Mystic076 March 18, 2019
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Junior is a chill guy named after his mom or dad can easily pull a girl without trying and will have a 25% chance of getting rejected! Can dance and also hangs around many black people whether he’s white nor black.
Junior can pull any girl without trying
by Ploman October 20, 2018
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A handsome kid just eating his pizza.
If your name is Junior and you're really handsome come on raise your hand.
by brokenmolly January 7, 2018
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