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The conventional, classic presentation of standardized single letter arrangement common to written language.
I hate that a,b,c song. It FORCES the letters into alphabet conformity when no specific arrangement is necessary.
How are kids supposed to learn it if the letters are randomly arranged?
By frequency of use, I guess.
Then it would just change to the e,t,a song, but still conformity.
by YAWA February 20, 2021
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The evolving consumer resentment toward massive, faceless, human-rights-indifferent corporations that seemingly infiltrate and attempt to influence every facet of our collective existence.
I'm developing some serious Amazentment when I can't even THINK about something and NOT have that shit ad-pushed to me in my very next web search. How can they possibly know these things?
by YAWA February 21, 2020
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The erroneous extension of personal experience into the general population.
So last week i had COVID. I took (insert quack cure X here) and now i’m better. X works!
Statistically, you were going to get better without any treatment; lucky X didn’t kill you.
***anecdotal proof***
by YAWA January 15, 2022
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An individual that ends up attempting to drown another as a consequence of proximity rather than recognize and grab a lifeline thrown out with the intent to save them.
So, that Krazy bitch just lost her man, lost her keed'z an done lost her mutha fuckin' JOB 'cause she an ankle Grabber!

Ain't NO WAY dat bitch be takin' me down wit' her; NOT UP IN HERE!
by YAWA November 10, 2021
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When blind, mindless devotion is so strong that even the most blatantly egregious, offensive and INTENTIONALLY self-destructive behavior cannot diminish support for a political candidate.
Holy shit, I've had affairs with porn stars and paid 'em off to keep 'em quiet, insulted war heroes and veterans, openly supported white supremacists and fucked-up conspiracy theories, suggested people ingest cleaning agents and take unproven medications as a treatment for a pandemic, that I knew was horrific but repeatedly downplayed, basically fucked up the entire economy and lost of thousands of lives because I supposedly know more than the medical experts...what will it take for them to get a clue that I don't want to be President?
Well, sir. It would seem that you've created a diehard cult of Anti-Autodestruction. Perhaps if you start a war...
by YAWA September 13, 2020
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With respect to SARS-CoV-2, the emergence of genetic viral mutation target(s) unrecognized by vaccine generated antibodies.
Ummm, not so fast. It seems that the virus has mutated. The vaccine is no longer effective. It's called antigenic escape...we're all doomed.
by YAWA February 16, 2021
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The process of casting a ballot of support for one particular candidate as an overt act of opposition to the election of another, less desirable contender.
I'm fully prepared to Antivote in the 2020 presidential election; I would support just about anyone on the fuckin' planet, or even NOT on the planet, as long as it isn't Trump. I would however, support his return to reality TV where he can be a self-proclaimed genius and not fuck up any world except his own.
by YAWA April 26, 2020
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