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A person profoundly dysfunctional, possessing self-reinforcing characteristics of both incompetence and retarded mental capability.
She looked so promising on her resume, but after 30 seconds on the job we all knew we had hired an incompetard.
by YAWA April 18, 2015

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An individual entering the auspicious ranks of revered spiritual authority with the exclusive intent to sexually violate unsuspecting adolescent boys.
As yet another example of pervasive clergevil, a local priest was defrocked for sexual transgressions against young male members of his congregation; he was taken outside the walls of the city and stoned to death in accordance with scripture.
by YAWA April 18, 2015

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A non-threatening, often public, discourse; designed to identify, explore and possibly modify deeply held personal beliefs through the use of the Socratic method.
Through my exposure to street epistemology, it became evident to me that faith--as a foundation for sustaining religious belief--is unreliable. How could divergently opposing religious systems expect to use faith as a method of conveying revealed Truth, yet come to mutually incompatible conclusions? Answer: they can not.
by YAWA September 02, 2017

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A dance specifically created to position the highly polished upper surfaces of the male shoe directly under the skirt of an unsuspecting female in the hopes of catching a glimpse of her beaver.
Watch that dude! He's got the beaverflection shuffle down to a science!
by YAWA April 21, 2015

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The combination of X-box play and Beats headphone use rendering a teenage male unreachable and in complete and utter isolation from the surrounding environment.
I tried to tell him that the house was burning down, but he was Beats-deaf and didn't make it out!
by YAWA April 25, 2015

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The go-to water saving, green option when faced with a urinal versus sink receptacle in which to piss.
I just couldn't bring myself to use the toilet and waste 1.5 liters of clean water in the flush, so I used the pissink instead.
by YAWA April 23, 2015

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Akin to nipple slip. The unfortunate combination of wearing overly small shorts and strenuous physical activity that results in the spontaneous, often unrecognized liberation of at least one testecle from short crotch confines.
Damn! That was my best long-jump ever. They wouldn't put my picture on-line 'cause of the emanciball hanging down.
by YAWA April 20, 2015

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