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The nagging, dry, progressively annoying hack that mysteriously works it's way into the otherwise pristine, healthy respiratory systems of frequent vape users.
Damn dude, you can't even take your dumb shit to the movies without coughing out a lung...you got the vape wretch from hell; time to put that bitch down for awhile...
by YAWA November 21, 2018
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The permanent, orange-red shirt splotches that betray aggressive ingestion of over processed, commercialized, Spaghetti-like, canned, pseudo-Italian food products.
Oh, for fuck sake! Did you eat that canned spaghetti crap for lunch again?
Yeah, why?

Because yer shirt is covered in Chef Boyardots; and that shit ain't comin' off any time soon.
by YAWA October 27, 2021
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A phrase uttered in abject despair as an attempt to arrest further non-sensical commentary by the genuinely clueless.
Oh, it's obvious that everything happens for 'a reason' , that god is in the trees and that the universe wants you to have anything you desire!!
(looking skyward with out-stretched arms): SHUT'YER MUSH
by YAWA January 15, 2018
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The inevitably sad, visual and physical derangement, that the ravages of time and the relentless effect of gravity impart to the otherwise youthful, buxom, robust condition that is the female bosom.
Oh, ho-lee-shit!! I haven's seen that rack since college; back then it was worthy, full and fun...now the bitch just has a sad set of schloppy boobs! WTF, get some fuckin surgery or something...
by YAWA July 9, 2017
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A location for preserving those doomed, yet precious never-to-be eaten residual consumables from previous awesome restaurant experiences.
Oh, hell no! You're not installing one more fuckin' doggie bag into the refrigerator graveyard until you dispatch with the last 6 months of shit in there. And you can start with the stuff that stinks so bad it's trying to find it's own way out...
by YAWA February 23, 2019
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A state of confusion created by a direct conflict between an individual's appearance and their obvious sexual persuasion
ok, so the waiter with lipstick, long eyelashes, nail extensions and feminine voicing is CLEARLY A DUDE.
Yeah. I'm also genderplexed.
by YAWA July 25, 2021
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The hamburgerizing effect that results from the contact of abrasive metallic dental-alignment hardware with the otherwise fragile, soft tissues lining the oral cavity; also a concern for other at-risk anatomy specific to certain advanced adult activities.
Gotta draw the line somewhere...the risk of permanent disfigurement from metal on mucosa just ain't worth it!
by YAWA February 16, 2019
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