Known as 'the city of roses', where tattoo ink never runs dry. It is said young people come here to retire. Friendly people, evironmentally concious, great public transportation. Hipsters mecca. Was cool before everone else thought it was cool.
Less depressing than Seattle, more envionmentally aware than L.A. and all the hot chicks wear glasses in Portland, Oregon.
by fionapdx December 23, 2010
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The shit hole of the north-western United States.

The sidewalks have the highest piss concentration for a city of its size in the entire world.
Portland Oregon has a ton of activities for the homeless like throwing needles into the river and pissing in public trashcans
by PDXoriginal March 6, 2019
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Portland, Oregon has a mix of German, Irish, Indigenous, and LGBTQ+ cultures, and accordingly values sincerity, thoughtfulness, individuality, greenery, craft beer, alternative music, alternatives to the British colonial styles of medicine and schooling, artistic expression, and mutual aid.

Portlanders commonly challenge one another to be their best selves. However, due to white dominance, cultural differences may be construed as defects of character. Many Black, Indigenous, and people of color cope with the resultant stress by describing themselves as “lightskin,” white, or “white-passing,” but this tends to worsen their isolation.

Portland’s housing prices have risen sharply in recent decades, and many longtime residents blame this on an influx of migrants from larger cities in search of a more wholesome and easygoing life. As a city which values small, local business, economic opportunities have not kept pace with population growth, with the result that the city’s artists and artisans increasingly struggle to sustain the creative culture for which the city became known.
A: There’s a legend of a guy who came to Portland Oregon and planted a ton of palm trees all over the place. Then he left!
B: Yeah? How tall are the palms?
A: They’re not thriving, but they’re surviving.
by FlamencoEnjoyer August 29, 2023
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A small town founded in 1865 with a Population of 11346 people. Also known as
the Mecca, Pre's dream town, and
birthplace of Jesse. Portland is by far the most beautiful place in the entirety of the world. It is a green, fresh, astounding wonderland, and indubitably fit for royalty. Runners run easy 10 miles in the morning and an easier 12 in the evening. Children comfortably walk St. Johns long perfectly constructed sidewalks to school singing lullaby's written by queen and eye of the tiger in unison. Attractive cafeteria ladies only serve the best food and free health care is unheard of. There are Safeway's and Fredmeyer's grocery food chains everywhere. McDonald's is the most hated restaurant in town and Dairy Queen is Queen. The Shell gas station effortlessly took Arco out of business and one brilliant day out of the paramount midst of the St. Johns bridge, Jesse will confidently walk tall firmly grasping an Olympic Gold medal won in London through the 1500 meter run; on his way to Seven Eleven to buy a pack of peanut butter cookies and a cold bottle of chocolate malt cookies and cream muscle milk. =
I ran a sub four minute mile in St.Johns. Portland Oregon
by St. Johns. Portland Oregon January 16, 2009
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