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The subordinate workers were asked to work extra shifts for a percentage pay raise.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Broken down the word SUBORDINATE basically means...
SUB - Meaning UNDER. (Like SUB marine UNDER water)
FINAL DEFINITION - To be UNDER the POSITION, or rank of another.

The main tribe pitted the two SUBORDINATE tribes against each other, for the purpose of eliminate any potential rise in power.

by scruph May 12, 2008
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1. (noun)
An employee under another employee's supervision and/or rules.

2. (noun)
In the corporate business realm, this often explains one who a) is enslaved or b) is expected to be enslaved to the characteristic of professionalism (see professional).

3. (noun)
A queen bee's pet.

4. (noun)
One counted as inferior in business regardless of character or skill. May or may not be more valuable than their managers / superiors.

5. (verb)
The action of kissing up to one counted superior in the business realm. To submit one's self to inferiority due to pressure, accusation, threat, or other non-work-related situations. The opposite of insubordination.
"This is my incompetent team member--he's my subordinate."

"There's a new company policy in place."
"I will gladly communicate it to my subordinates."

"I'm the new CEO, and you are...?"
:: Holds out hand to engage in handshake ::
"I am the manager here and these are my many SUBORDINATES. Did I tell you they are my SUBORDINATES?"

"Sorry I'm late; it looked like my wife was going into labor."
"And she didn't and you're still late?"
"Well....yeah! I needed to be there and makes sure all was fine."
"I count this as insubordination. I expect you to subordinate yourself to my leadership and coaching tips."
:: Blank stare / jaw drop from employee ::
by AgentSlade May 07, 2010
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to be under something...
MxM-- mattxmello is subordinate to LxMxN--LxMelloxNear. death note
by l lawliet July 17, 2008
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