a special privelige or side benefit.
Sleeping with many beautiful women is one of the perks of being a rock star.
by kingman November 18, 2003
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Perkalatin: To drink an alcahol beverage, such as remy martin, hennasy, cognac, and bacardi. To tha point of "You Don't Give A Fuck"
Represent Northern California Motha Fuckaz: Niggah we perkulating of this shit, come over here and hit this!!!
by Martinez Most Wanted October 20, 2003
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Perk- a prascription pill used for back pain, is crushed and snorted for a high
hey, when we where tweakin tha other day eden knocked over our perks the shiest
by K-Sketch November 8, 2007
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a really good thing. a positive or plus. similar to "dank"
dude, shits perk.
by Cudi Kid November 26, 2009
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1. an advantage of a particular job or assignment

2. percolated coffee

3. to run smoothly or well
One of the perks of sole-proprietorish is being your own boss.
by Light Joker May 7, 2006
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To smoke majiuana (1); have sex (2); or procrastinate (3)

ex. 1: "Nigga lets perk a blunt I wanna burn."
ex. 1b: "Dog that bong is nice lets perkulate"
ex. 2: "I'm funna perk wit dat bitch tonight."
ex. 2b: "Yeah doe doe she was perkin wit a real nigga last night"
ex. 3: "Nigga stop perking we gotta go!"

originated by andrew sinclaire and ej on the game
I was perkin and the examples are shown above
by aych pee da ghost July 17, 2009
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the place where every pennridge high schooler gather on tuesday nights for cheese steak night.
I am going to the Perk for csn.
by hot bitches September 10, 2006
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