1) Public Relations
2) Personal Record
3) Pull Request (software engineering lingo on Github)
A: My business is just not getting recognition.
B: Have you tried to hire PR?

C: How'd you do at the track meet? Any PRs?
D: Yeah! I PRd on my triple jump : D

E: If you find any issues with my code, feel free to submit a PR!
F: I found an issue. Let me fix the code locally, git add, commit, merge, commit, push, and send the repo maintainer a git pull to request that they merge my improvements with their mainline codebase...
by رياض February 7, 2018
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A term used predominantly by the international student population in Canada, especially those from the South Asian continent; Stands for Permanent Resident
These students often enrol in studies here for every reason except studying and to ultimately obtain their PR status.
While in Canada, they are actively involved in the black market labour force usually working jobs 4-5 dollars below the minimum wage.
"Hey bro did you get PR bro"

"No bro I still have 2 semesters left bro, I am working cash job in Amazon warehouse"
by easytheretiger May 8, 2021
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I haven't been drunk for to days now, it's a new PR.
by brokencrayon June 25, 2018
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1)noun) Runner's jargon for Personal Record, which is a person's best time in a particular event.

2)verb) To achieve a PR
1) My PR for the mile is 4:54

2) I PRed yesterday by three seconds
by Natolya Koksanov April 8, 2006
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Pimping rigorously
A: Hey buddy how's it going w/ that 5'10 blonde w/ huge tits that you're dating?

B: Not bad. But she really likes exploring new forms of conspicuous consumption with my money and doesn't seem to have a real job. She claims she's in "PR" but has never identified a specific company name.

A: I think she means pimping rigorously.
by AgamemnonOfMycenae September 27, 2012
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A PR is the art of doing a panty raid. Generally taking place around 2:32 Am, this can be perfected and performed without errors. During a panty raid, a group of men take part in stealing one singlular woman’s panties. The men may do whatever they please with panties.
Chris: Yo jake want to idk maybe meet me at the crown plaza at 2:32 AM for a PR
Jake: oh why yes i would love to take apart of this PR you keep speaking of.

2:32 AM
At the crown plaza

Jake and chris about to do a panty raid: oh boy i can’t wait to do this pr
by POOBERTISEPIC April 25, 2019
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