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ari is the type of person you would love to hang around. she’s entertaining, she’s kind, she’s sweet, and she’s awesome to have around. there’s always a laugh when she’s around
“Man i wish ari was here. she makes things more entertaining
by emmzywemmzy1302 April 26, 2020
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Any unofficial street view coverage taker on Google Maps.

The meme arose in the GeoGuessr community from Ari Immonen, a guy who covered half of Finland for his road maintenance company. This left half of Finland unplayable in the game, as the coverage goes over the official Google coverage and the official one is unable to be selected from it in the user created maps. The unofficial coverage on Google Maps isn't as playable as the official one since the moving is very slow and the pictures aren't as high quality as the official ones, so it led to the discomfort of the players and map makers, thus creating the Ari meme.
There's a new Ari in Palau.
The Cameroon Ari covered only a few streets. Step up mate!
The Zimbabwe Ari made some coverage in northern Canada. Oh, my god!
by Alok37 July 31, 2019
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Aris is a very rare name. People with the name "Aris" are most often female, that is why meeting a male named "Aris" is quite a spectacle. You should never let go of a person named "Aris". Keep them close to you and never let them go. They are the most understanding people in the world. They have kind hearts and often put others before themselves. They are very generous and forgiving. They are intelligent, cunning, hot, handsome/beautiful, sexy, cool, good dressers, give good hugs, and good with words. They are often serious and give off the first impression of being rather boring, but they are the most interesting once you get to know them. They know how to make you laugh even when you are sad and are the most caring individuals. They are also master at easing situational tension by humiliating themselves to make everyone happy. They are good at analyzing situations and thinking on their feet. They are the best listeners and advice givers. Good at sports, but the best in bed. They also have very kind eyes and a gentle touch that gets anyone to feel loved. They are most often very slender and petite, and look rather weak.
Genie: You have one more wish

Dude: Okay, that's an easy one. I wish I were an Aris.

Genie: Well, Too Bad!! I'm a genie, not a miracle worker. You're not that special.
by pizzaman52 December 17, 2009
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Female: sexy, adorable, cute as a button and honest. She can be your confidant, your best friend, your comedian or your partner in crime. She is outgoing, creative, and bold.

Male: cultured, confident and kind, the male version of this name is unique. He is one of a kind, and follows his own path. Eclectic and creative, his extensive knowledge of anything (and everything) will surprise you.
Having an Ari in your life is like having a corgi dog in your arms: ridiculous and irresistible.
by UrbanKeeper February 10, 2010
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A girls bestie. She’s there for you when you need her. She’s beautiful,smart,funny,and her smile will light up a room. But she will kill someone if you mess with her or her bestie OR HER DOGS
Girl1:*wispers to Girl2*have you seen her she’s so ugly

Ari:*wispers to girl1*bitch wtf did u just say?
by 🥳 November 06, 2018
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insane boy with adhd and always likes to say “aye
becky: “hey ari”
ari: “AYE” “BECKAYY”
by ihateuall1234567 July 11, 2019
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