Ari is a very unisex name and both girls and boys can have it. Ari is a very funny and good looking person and can be very introverted and messy. Even tho Ari can be lazy he can be very productive and useful when he wants to be.
by Okcoolradio October 16, 2019
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A nice person with a great personality everyone wants to be friends with her, all the boys want her. Not that confident and she thinks that she has no friends but she does.

She plays spirts and is athletic and fit, loves reading but only the bast books.

Ari does well in school and is really smart but doesn’t show off her intelligence. SHE IS THE LEAST COCKY PERSON YOU WILL MEET!!!

Ari has a great sense of humor and is just a happy person in gernaral!
by mrsparkle3 November 24, 2018
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The most underappreciated name of all time that can be masculine just as well as feminine, damn it!
Today I'm hanging out with my brother Ari. He's pretty manly and muscular. And hot.
by TheMavix December 2, 2015
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Any unofficial street view coverage taker on Google Maps.

The meme arose in the GeoGuessr community from Ari Immonen, a guy who covered half of Finland for his road maintenance company. This left half of Finland unplayable in the game, as the coverage goes over the official Google coverage and the official one is unable to be selected from it in the user created maps. The unofficial coverage on Google Maps isn't as playable as the official one since the moving is very slow and the pictures aren't as high quality as the official ones, so it led to the discomfort of the players and map makers, thus creating the Ari meme.
There's a new Ari in Palau.
The Cameroon Ari covered only a few streets. Step up mate!
The Zimbabwe Ari made some coverage in northern Canada. Oh, my god!
by Alok37 July 31, 2019
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A great friend you should try your best to keep. He will cheer you up when you are sad. He will always try his best and be very brave. Ari is a epic person who is usualy nice and kind to friends. He will help when needed to other people/friends. He will always try to make you laugh and he would tell jokes. He will always make you smile.
Me names Ari
by d00d00monkey November 3, 2019
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A friend who will stick with you forever and is very cool
Ari is a very good friend
by d00d00monkey November 3, 2019
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Female: sexy, adorable, cute as a button and honest. She can be your confidant, your best friend, your comedian or your partner in crime. She is outgoing, creative, and bold.

Male: cultured, confident and kind, the male version of this name is unique. He is one of a kind, and follows his own path. Eclectic and creative, his extensive knowledge of anything (and everything) will surprise you.
Having an Ari in your life is like having a corgi dog in your arms: ridiculous and irresistible.
by UrbanKeeper February 11, 2010
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