to chatter meaninglessly, babble
Susan and Diane prattled about tupperware every time they bumped into each other when taking walks through the neighborhood.
by krazykristen July 17, 2006
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After eating that bean burrito, the prattle coming from the toilet stall Claire was in made Anne giggle out loud.
by Bucky22 May 28, 2010
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An Alison Mayes of Nazareth, Leicestershire England, insult at someone that speaks or appears to hold left wing or any wing views for that matter against hers, usually somebody she deems to be in authority, DWP, Police, local "Clowncillors" or "Clowncil" workers, supermarket checkout staff, even aimed towards people of a smaller stature, children, ethnic minorities and the like, a way to verbally bully someone down.
"Oh shut ya silly prittle prattle ya wet lettuce" "Oh take ya prittle prattle and FOCK off" "Adam, Lee, Brett, Dale, Nick, Carl fock shit bastard shitty fock fock, "i'm full of prittle prattle, get your act together Ali Bongo"
by Staand up if you belong to mee January 10, 2019
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A person who slithers into the middle of a conversation, ultimately dominating it, as they won't stop talking.
Rita is such a prattle snake at work. Every single break we have she just appears, as if by magic, and then won't let anyone else get a word in.
by Eloraborealis January 22, 2023
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if ur having a prattle attack u are just talking so u can here ur own voice.
"Sterling ur prattling" is something my teacher always says.
by Kiara November 20, 2004
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A woman who talks incessantly while she's having sex in the cowgirl position.
OMG my wife was totally Prattle in the saddle last night. She's all "aiyeeee! After we get done here I've gotta aiyeeee! Vacuum and aaaaaaaah! Trim the 🌹 bushes
You you nnnnneed to uuh uuh sweep the sidewalk cause the Shittleboms are cumming oh yeah! Over for dinner. I'm having sliders with your favorite pink icing penis cake 🍰!
by 4realazitgits April 30, 2021
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