Anne is the one person in life that truly deserves love, she's the one person who is worth the wait, she is the perfect example of a goddess. Anne is beyond gorgeous, with her soft lips, calm warm dark eyes, soft hair, and prominent cheekbones, she is beauty incarnate. She's so beyond the word beautiful, this definition doesn't even give her justice. Anne is the perfect example of the perfect girl, who is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She knows how to be sassy, and if you get her mad, she can beat the living shit out of you if she really wanted to; she is the meaning of perfection. The whole world couldn't be traded for an Anne, she's too valuable; the currency for Anne's are the Universe, and even those cant fully fulfill her true expense. Anne doesn't know how amazing she is, but she truly is the meaning of every possible definition and every unheard synonym of the word " perfection."
Guy #1: Dude, my eyes just fell out of my head, wtf

Guy#2: Oh, MAN, you just looked Anne in the eyes, NEVER look her in the eyes, shes too gorgeous!

Anne: lol, what happened to your eyes??
by MrBallistic May 24, 2014
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This girl is the ultimate definition of a SEXY BEAST! Too hot to handle and too cool to care.
Boy : Wow look at that girl, she's such a sexy beast!
Girl : Dam there goes Anne, I wish I was her.
by You'll never know..... June 1, 2014
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a beautiful young girl. Her hair is amazing and everyone loves to talk to her. She is artistic and is perfect at making things. She is confident when speaking to people and is hilarious. She is as crazy as the rest of her friends and all of her friends love her. No one hates Anne, and no one ever will. Her style is perfect and she is perfect and looks amazing in everything she wears. Although she has baggage she knows how to keep her head up and show people how amazing she is.
Sarah: Oh look at my best friend, Anne! She is so amazing and beautiful!

Megan: I know!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!
by sarahlovescupcakesalot October 14, 2011
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An attractive and classy young woman who lives up to the simple beauty of her name.
Boy #1: How come you didn't take that hot chick home with you last night to bang?
Boy #2: No man, Anne isn't like that. You just don't dick around with girls like her.
by Justin 243 February 5, 2008
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Anne is the most amazing human-being you have ever met.

Wonderful, funny, lovable and entertaining. A being of total perfection. Peolpe who met her will never forget Anne- she will remain in their thoughts and dreams forever.
She is wearing her heart on the sleeve, she is crazy and emotional. Some might call her unstable, i call it perfection. She is the girl that will fly to another state for a house party, the girl who's phone is always ringing, the girl that is always surrounded be caring people, she is the girl that makes a whole room light up with her smile, she is the kind of girl that calls you drunk at 6 in the morning just to tell you she loves you, she is the girl that makes you feel better even on the worst day, she is the girl with the infectious laugh that hangs around the guys drinking beer and watching soccer and she is also the stunning girl that amazes you with her beauty everytime you get to see her. Having an Anne is the most memorable experience a person can ever make. Anyone who has lost Anne knows that there is a huge piece of life missing that can not be replaced by anyone else.
Anne is my lover and best friend
by lars108iLp February 5, 2010
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Anne is such a beautiful person inside and out. There are no words to describe a person such as her. She puts everyone before herself and would go out of her way for you just so you smile. She’s an amazingly talented person in more ways than one. She’s very encouraging and a calming person.
Anne’s such an amazing person!
by shfiwhsk November 26, 2018
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Anne is a wonderful girl, crazy as fuck, super SEXY, pretty and an absolute goddess, gorgeous both on the outside and on the inside. Moreover, Anne is smart; she always knows what to say or how to help you. She makes you feel better whenever you need it, she makes you feel confident when you’re insecure and she helps you get to know yourself better... Anne is a powerful girl, someone who should be admired because she’s astonishing. In addition, she’s the life of the party and a badass, and she spreads happiness everywhere she goes. Sometimes she can be a bit late, but she makes up for it the minute she arrives. Her laugh, which is very contagious and always appears when she’s drinking, and her incredible “Annecdotes”, leave no one indifferent. She always dresses up really cool, but nonetheless she shines with her own inner light. Anne also really knows how to pull off a perfect makeup, her style is unique, and her hair is spectacular. Even though being tiny, she has a huge heart. Conversations with her are amazing, as she is very open minded. But be careful when talking online with her though, it’s nearly impossible to understand her.
Anne is like a lovely teddy bear, very huggable, but if you try to hurt someone she loves, be careful with her, for she will make you regret it! Anne is a very loved person, be grateful if you know her!
Ostia no, ya me jodería! AHAHASAHSSKJ”
“Who’s that one, shouting like crazy?”
“She must be an Anne, don’t you see how perfect she is?
by Macedoniaconpollo December 21, 2021
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