Used to tell someone that you aren’t going to do it but “u can”.
Person 1) I’m going to math class.

Pearson 2) U CAN!
by Ikenna.BLACK June 20, 2019
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its a meme thats popular on a game called Age Of Empire II: Definitive Edition
the phrase means "you can do it", firstly introduced by Vivi aka Fat_Dragon on a team match with TheViper
TheViper got rainbowed on his base

TheViper: "I'm ded, wheres my teammate??"
Vivi: "U CAN OK"
by blvrry666face April 28, 2021
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1. -The act of believing your innocent.
2. -Able to add insignificant conversation to any thread.
3. -A new state of Alcoholism.
4. -The ability to ruin ones sexlife.
5. -Charming in a funny kinda way, but not really.

"U-can-2 get bad SoupAss after a day of drinking"
by OnTheZone November 2, 2005
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Phrase used as a directive to conceal unethical or illegal activity. Made popular by an e-mail sent between portfolio and hedge fund managers currently being charged by the SEC for insider trading.
Analyst: Shit, I think the SEC asshole with the ugly pink and baby blue tie is onto us.
Manager: Shred as much as u can
by Cristo39 February 8, 2011
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A way of saying "can u not" but not in a mainstream conformist way.
(gets slaped)

can u dont u lil shit??
by BEN THE BEAR 07 December 5, 2018
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A way to call an asshole (usually a girl) a cunt.
*a girl says a asshole remark to a girl*
Girl: Can U Not Talk.
by MTGGeek August 9, 2011
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