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Sterlings are sarcastic and can come off as extremely annoying but once you get to know them they can be real sweethearts. Sterlings are typically very smart and highly egotistical and outgoing. They don't really care what other people have to say about them and they don't always see the obvious. They are really good at giving gifts and love to eat however maintaining the perfect fitness. Sterling's can be pretty clingy but they never fail to cheer you up when you're down. They are good at complimenting you and making you feel better about yourself. Sterling's will be very successful in life and are often called geeks or nerds in school. You will be very lucky if you end up with a Sterling in your life. He typically commits to a longer relationship and never fails to remind you how much he loves you. Never let a Sterling get out of your life. They are loyal friends and lovely boyfriends.
"That Sterling's really annoying"
"That Sterling's becoming a computer engineer "
by Mattie Holloway July 01, 2017
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a slang term to mean good or nice, it was popular in 1980's britain, but has now become slightly archaic, replaced with more modern words such as smart, wicked, and cool.
An example of its use can be seen in the film 'this is england'.
'that shirt looks sterling'
'sterling haircut that mate'
by Lucys_Drowning September 01, 2008
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Extremely cool person that anyone can get along with.Loved by girls,and treats them all well but will wait til he finds the right girl for him.easy to like and fall in love with.the perfect guy for any girl.may appear shy and quiet but once you get close to him he can be loud crazy and wild. Gets quick crushes. Usually falls for girls with the names of Brianna,Jody,Chiara,Kait, and Victoria. Has pretty large penis usually 7.5in or larger and is an AWESOME sex partner.
That guy is a perfect sterling

Victoria:Sterling was the greatest guy i ever dated

Sterling is awesome and i love him
by girlygirl12 May 29, 2009
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1) Meaning cool or awesome.
2) Of pure and noble character.
Those new Converse sneakers are wicked sterling.
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An awesome person who can be a boy or a girl. Usually athletic, cute,smart, fun, sexy, and just awesome.
"That Sterling. What a great person."
by thegirlwiththedragontatoo November 27, 2011
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