self-explanatory phrase used to say in polite terms something that could be said in a lot ruder fashion.
by papermachete November 2, 2005
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term usually used by marcel when he is annoyed by you and wants you to STOP TALKING ya know
pov your name is alex- alex stop talking
by peter and g March 18, 2020
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This is something you say if someone is acting like a Ruby. It can be used casually or angrily.

"Wow Ruby finally stopped talking"
by nononever October 17, 2019
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Earfucking is the practice by a persons of talking non- stop. If anyone else tries to comment the earfucker simply talks over them. The earfucker is a nightmare for people who are trapped with them in a car, a dinner table or office. They are often also called time suckers or a time suck.
She was non stop talking the entire trip. She earfucked me the whole two hour car ride. I think I said two words maybe.

He is always in non stop talking mode. He earfucked me at my desk for a full hour. He's a total time suck.
by geekqueen September 14, 2013
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Implying the person is lying or spreading bullshit, so you tell them to shut the actual fuck up.
Jane: I lost my virginity last night!
Ratchel: Stop talking out your ass, you'll never get laid!
by The Grand High Oreo November 3, 2014
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An expression used for telling someone to shut up when they've been talking for way too long about something nobody cares about, especially when the subject matter is an obscure/poor quality piece of media or pseudocelebrity.

The quote itself originates from the youtube channel "Funhaus", when Bruce Greene interrupts the others as they're having a conversation about the movie "Lawnmower Man".

Lawrence: "The Lawnmower Man director, you could tell he was really building up to it cause he teased-"
Bruce: "Stop talking about. Lawnmower. Man."
(At a party)
Guy 1: If you're gonna watch Waterworld, you'd better watch the Ulysses Cut or else you'll be missing out on a lot of scenes that help explain more about the world. It also helps you get a deeper understanding of the Smokers' religious beliefs and their ability to refine-
Guy 2: Hey man, you better stop talking about lawnmower man, you're scaring the hoes away.
by Pierce Brosnan's Nipples October 16, 2023
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Aligning words in such a way that makes both thought and composition of sentence structure come to a complete stop Midway through responding to your talk stopping.
In a debate it was the talk stopping that brought me to Glory
by Zachariah J. Hoyt January 9, 2018
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