Someone who is real, her words can hurt you but all she doing is saying whats true. She's as sexy as they come. Her personality her heart will make u fall in love once you get to her soft side. She can be mean as fuck on her bad days. She has an adorable face. When she licks her lips! It makes u go crazy in the inside.
Who's that sexy thing over there? Oh thats Diane.
by Slow Foe Jr. June 12, 2019
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The literal definition of perfection. The most perfect girl in the entire world. She is absolutely flawless in every single way, and her beauty shines like the sun. Shes hilarious, down to earth, the kindest woman you will ever meet, and someone who you just love to be around. Its nearly impossible to avoid falling in love with a woman like Diane
that girl sexy af, you already know her names Diane
by VVxlxd February 11, 2018
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I knew a diane beautiful then most girls i seen , this girl diane had a body i mean booty well body she ages like fine wine girl will make anyone fall in love with her those eyes long hair
Body like a goddess/boobies/booty i love diane
by Stageslim May 22, 2017
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Sexy ...mmm
Gorgeous and heaven sent

The love of my life .....
Diane is my sexy wifey .....mmm
by xXWifeyXx April 29, 2016
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Someone who is kind, generous and funny, but who is incapable of staying quiet for long enough to compete in a sponsored silence in the work place even if to raise money for a good cause.
After the claxon went to signify the commencement of the sponsored silence Diane caved in and let out a very loud guffaw, thus rendering her attempt null and void. Good effort though Diane. At least you made it to the start line.
by JL1969 March 5, 2019
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A cute girl who is always adorable even when she is'nt trying, she is unbelievably confusing, but bootiful and people cant get enough of her
by jeff1234321 July 19, 2015
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