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Someone amazingly beautiful, who's smart, funny, great to be around, and just overall perfect. They tend to be extremely pretty, irresistable, and easy to fall in love with.
Diane is so perfect that Max fell in love with her.
by TheBigFreeze March 06, 2009
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The literal definition of perfection. The most perfect girl in the entire world. She is absolutely flawless in every single way, and her beauty shines like the sun. Shes hilarious, down to earth, the kindest woman you will ever meet, and someone who you just love to be around. Its nearly impossible to avoid falling in love with a woman like Diane
that girl sexy af, you already know her names Diane
by VVxlxd February 11, 2018
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French for 'divine', Diane stands out as being superior, especially in how she cares for the people in her life. She is great with others, but limits her time mostly to just family and a few close friends since she invests so much in those she loves. Fiercely loyal and strong, she is able to confidently stand up for what she believes. She is vulnerable to illness because she does not always take care of herself as she should.
He's grumpy, Diane, just leave him alone.
by Ann Awe Nimus December 19, 2016
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A cute girl who is always adorable even when she is'nt trying, she is unbelievably confusing, but bootiful and people cant get enough of her
by jeff1234321 August 11, 2015
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I knew a diane beautiful then most girls i seen , this girl diane had a body i mean booty well body she ages like fine wine girl will make anyone fall in love with her those eyes long hair
Body like a goddess/boobies/booty i love diane
by Stageslim May 27, 2017
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