Rita, wow. Rita is a special girl. She loves to play sports and loves music just as well. She has been through so much in her life. She is always going through something hard, but never loses hope. Rita is one of the greatest, realist people you’ll ever meet. Please keep her close. She doesn’t know or see how beautiful she is because she’s been hurt so much. She always compares her beauty to other girls when she is literally so beautiful. She just doesn’t know it yet.
Wow Rita keeps saying she’s not pretty but she’s the most beautiful girl to me, on the inside and out.
by waspoppin’ lil mamma December 15, 2019
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The ultimate in perfection. A beautiful, intelligent, sexy and successful person that you can't help but want to be with all the time.
Shit, I want Rita so bad but she seems to be to good for me.
by Rita January 16, 2005
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Rita Downing

Rita Downing cant be replaced. She seems quite but inside she is screaming with love for her friends. Rita has always been there for me threw everything. We have never fought and she just understands me. She is one of the best losers I have ever met. I never want to lose Rita. I hate things changing and if anything ever changes with Rita and I, I don't think I would come out of it the same. I love you Rita for always being here for me. Even though we dont talk everyday we are always there for each other to make sure we are okay. Rita..If you ever need me for anything I will be here. ILY...
by MaKKKKKKKKKK March 26, 2019
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Just one of the most gorgeous, green and blue eyed girls to walk the face of this god forsaken earth.
Is her name Rita? because WOW, she's somethin' else!
by daddynovh November 30, 2018
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Rita is a mom of three but looks like shes 25 years old ! She also works alot for he family and is appreciated alot for all her hard work. I love her so much nobody could ask for a better rita, mom,wife or aunt !WE LOVE RITA!!😘😘
Rita is awesome
by Bdidndgdinsdhkdbd May 13, 2018
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Rita a smart,hard working girl,clumsy,nice. Would look good in boy clothes.Has a hard life.Usually Hispanic or italian.Mature but, likes too play around.She makes tons of friends, quite easily. She's very talkative (in a good way) and loves to start conversations. One who thinks she’s not pretty, but is the most gorgeous person you've ever seen. She has big dreams, and will end up with all she has ever dreamed of, because she didn't take advantage of what she had, when she was younger. She's caring and thoughtful. Better not let this one, get away. She loves romance, and has to go on the perfect first date. has a lot of mixed emotions , she is very smart and chooses to try and make decisions but when they go wrong she tries to run from her problems .Looks decent and thinks she is ugly.Also her hard life has made her deal with depression but,she has soon recovered.
Rita everything will be okay in the end.
by Makayla,Newman May 13, 2019
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Estranged daughter of Odin, a Rita is the most magestic woman you'll ever lay eyes on. A Rita can often be spotted from a distance due to their wild hair and distinctive sense of style. Ritas are highly intelligent. They are driven by love and passion and are loyal to the bitter end. Rita will always have your back. The coolest Ritas have punk rock running through her veins. Every punk rock scene has a Rita, and everyone wants to be her ffriend Ritas are typically independent thinkers. They live by their own moral code, and have the best sense of humor. But do not ever cross them. These Ritas have zero tolerance for stupidity and will kick your ass without warning.
Rita just said hi to me dude, she knows my name.
by Macho Raged May 31, 2021
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