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Sex game where either 4guys or 4women get naked and lie on the floor next to each other
They then have a jack off or jill off contest to see who cums first. The winner gets sucked or eaten by the other 3 cuntestants. The winner then sits on the side lines and the process repeats itself until they are down to the final 2 the.winner of this match up then gets sucked or eaten by the other 3 then he or she chooses who they want to fuck while the others watch while jacking or jilling off and cumming all over the intertwined couple.
Kiera went to a party last night where they played. Four on the floor. She said it was fun but she was exhausted when it was all over and she had to shower. 3 Jotimes to get the 'girl quim'out of her hair!
by 4realazitgits April 05, 2021

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Former model turned actress darlanne fluegel had roles in such 1980s movies as "to live and die in la"
Running scared.once upon a time in america. And lockup

Ms fluegel sadly passed away in 2017 from complications due to. Alzheimer's disease.
Darlanne fluegel what an angel! Rest in peace sister!
by 4realazitgits April 04, 2021

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Brilliant character actor with a chiseled face tailor made for portraying a villain.which he did in the 1985 movie "to live and die in la" with his portrayal of counterieter Eric Masters. He's well known for his portrayal of Sgt elias in 1987s "platoon"as well as his role in "the last temptation of christ"
Willem dafoe has had a long time affiliation with the 'wooster project' an off off broadway theater ensemble.
by 4realazitgits April 04, 2021

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Where a woman places her bits under a warm running faucet in the bathtub so that the stream of water hits her clit just so.
I did the faucet method in the tub today then drank a big glass of wine!,l
by 4realazitgits March 20, 2021

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To be stuck in traffic. To be gridlocked. 405 is a reference to the infamous 405 freeway in Los angeles, which always seems congested, regardless of the time of day it seems.
Sorry I'm late, but I got 405'd in traffic. You know how Fridays are!
by 4realazitgits March 02, 2021

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No.this has nothing to do with drugs it's an irish idiom which means to have A good time
Cut loose.let your hair down.
Come with us to the laurels tonight. It'll be good craic.
by 4realazitgits March 06, 2021

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Somewhat outdated and sexist term used to describe the primary exclusive assistant to the star on a movie. While most films have 2 top billed stars only the one at the 'top of the marquee gets. A girl friday. Girl Fridays are often actually guys. Since shooting a picture is so time consuming actors can be on set 16-20 hours per day to print maybe 3 minutes of finished product.so girl Fridays take care of all ancillary tasks for the star such as laundry. Any/all correspondence and arranging on set visits with family. On set duties may include but are not limited to such pedestrian tasks as bringing.coffee/lattes and food to the stars trailer limiting access to the star by basically being a buffer not to be rude but to protect the star in question
I was
Girl friday for Miss beatrice twizzletits on " canyon yodeling: a cowgirls tail of love and lust" she was very good to work for but the work itself is very demanding!
by 4realazitgits April 06, 2021

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