An incomprehensible stream of words. Examples: languages you don't understand, baby talk, a sentence that doesn't mean anything, telling a story that doesn't make sense.
(see also gibberish, prattle, chatter)

To engage in babble talk.

Derived from the legend of the Tower of Babel, the Biblical origin of all languages.
-Kneecap, singlehanded, sheetmusic, lottery, gooble gaable orf orf.
-Dammit, will you just stop that babble?!!
by Mefistofeles August 25, 2004
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Noun: The useless crap spoken by accountants, lawyers, or executive management within an organization.

Verb: To annoyingly spout out useless facts, figures, or other information like a two-year-old that doesn't pertain to the topic at hand.

Adj: To describe one who babbles.
Noun: What is that babble coming out of your piehole?
Verb: What are you babbling about again, dipwad?
Adj: Would you please shut the hell up you babbling fool?
by Big Jer June 19, 2008
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She wanted me to babble on her face but i missed and got my babble in her eye
by yoyoninja April 24, 2010
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1) a talkive peron
2) something boring
3) word for talking strangly and another word for talk
4) so boring
1) Becky is a babble

2) Museums are so babble

3) you babble a lot

4) this is such a babble
by mindless magical cat February 1, 2004
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usually a word used to make noises and past time.

also used in Marilyn Manson's song "This Is The New Sh*t"
Tom: "Hey, what's up?"

Meagan: "Babble babble."

"Babble babble B**ch B**ch rebel rebel party party sex sex sex and don't forget the violence" -"This Is The New Sh*t" by Marilyn Manson
by Meagan Massacree February 6, 2009
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To talk foolishly or idly; chatter
What are you babbling about?
by Yniikalna October 29, 2013
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