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A penis cake is, as the phrase implies, a cake that's either shaped like a penis or has one built on a regular cake. The penis stands vertically, and a small tube, like the ones used in fish tank filters, is run through the shaft and out the side of the cake. The end is connected to a turkey baster filled with milk, which should be concealed in some way to avoid ruining the surprise.

When the unsuspecting birthday person goes to blow out the candles, their friends slam down on the turkey baster and give them a birthday money shot.
"Man, my roommates threw me a birthday party and got me with a penis cake. I was crying jizz the rest of the night.
by NRE February 01, 2008
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A delicous after-dinner treat developed in Penisnar, Russia.


1 cup of cooked jasmine rice
1 tablespoon of oil
1 beaten egg
1 green pepper OR chinese cabbage (OR random green sprinkles)
50 grams of chinese sausage OR red barbequed pork (OR random red sprinkles)
1 clovelet of garlic
2 to 3 tiger prawns with head and shells removed
1 pinch of salt
1 pepper shaker full of pepper
2 diced penises
Yum! This peniscake taste like fried rice!
by Damon Gant November 25, 2007
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what you describe someone when they're nice sometimes, but then other times, they're an asshole.
"here's a box of chocolate"
"aw thanks"
"lol fuck you they're poisoned"
"wow peniscake"
by yourmothersaysno December 14, 2013
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A metaphorical confectionary that is use to temp close homosexuals into admission infront of others. could also infact be a real pastry delight ion the shape of a penis
Nathan would you like some Penis Cake?
by milli148 April 05, 2009
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