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v. to shorten the lifespan of a computer significantly by viewing excessive amounts of pornography. Very similar to catching a STD but for your computer. Making it extremely complicated and frustrating to stream music, movies or any website.

enducing your computer into a pornographic "coma"
bro 1: "Dude did you jump on the computer and watch the new episode of Tim and Eric?"
bro 2: " I would thoroughly enjoy that but I've porned my computer to death
by frankyfarts May 20, 2010
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the past tense form of the verb porn which is 1)the act of looking at porn. 2) a word to describe the act of looking up, searching for porn on the internet

see also the gerund form porning
1) I got some porn and porned all weekend.
2) I would be more alert today if I hadn't porned all night on my computer.
by Ryan Sumner February 09, 2006
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