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A person of more than one racial background; usually looks quite distinctive from monoracial people

see also eurasian blasian biracial hapa etc.
real-life examples are everywhere, just look around.
by BlasianSensation October 23, 2004
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People who are two races or more. Usually depicted as tan with curly hair and blue eyes. However, they can be as black as an African or as light as a European. Also known as biracial.
Did you know that Sarah's mixed with American and Arabic?
by The Girl Kayla January 11, 2016
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a person of more than race, and alwzy hella sexy.
1. damn!!! look at dat mixed bitch bitch she hell fyne!!!
2. i get my light skinnedness from my whyte daddy, and my ass and tits frm my black mama.
by mixedmami December 20, 2005
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In the state of being juked or crossed up by somebody in a sport such as basketball.
"Bro Ferg got mixed so hard by Ray that he fell on his ass"
by Capketchup January 31, 2017
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1. The term "Mixed" refers to someone born of interracial parents.

The term is incorrectly used to describe "Biracial". If you are mixed, you are biracial but being biracial doesn't necessarily make you mixed. Having a mixed parent(s) also doesn't make you mixed. Much like the majestic "Liger". Two liger cannot have a child. Only a lion and a tiger can make a liger.

Important: Due to the fact that Latino/Spanish is considered white in sociology; three races: White, Black, Asian, being Latino and Black makes you mixed. Welcome to the club!
That girl with the white mom, and black dad is mixed.

Teacher: "So when salt is mixed with an acid..."
Student: "MIXED POWER!

Alicia Keys
Barack Obama
Blake Griffin
Bob Marley
Carmelo Anthony
Derek Jeter
Halle Berry
Mariah Carey
and more...
by MixedPower January 30, 2012
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When referring to an individual, a mixed person is someone who was born with two or more ethnicities.
I am mixed with Irish and Welsh.

We are a diverse school. This year's prom queen was mixed with Nigerian and Armenian.
by United:Nations May 13, 2009
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