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n. 1. a rather lippy vagina that is often sopping wet.

n. 2. a girl who is acting in a rather annoying and bothersome fashion

adj. (Slizzy)
Tim: "wanna play with some toys?"
Eric: "you can play with your toys, I'm gonna pound some sweet sliz."
Guy 1: "dude she wouldn't stop texting me and then when I finally got to her house she wouldn't even blow me!"
Guy 2: "text book sliz"
Guy 2 alt.: "why did she have to be so slizzy?"
Guy 2 alt 2: "classic cash of slizzery"
by frankyfarts May 20, 2010
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v. to shorten the lifespan of a computer significantly by viewing excessive amounts of pornography. Very similar to catching a STD but for your computer. Making it extremely complicated and frustrating to stream music, movies or any website.

enducing your computer into a pornographic "coma"
bro 1: "Dude did you jump on the computer and watch the new episode of Tim and Eric?"
bro 2: " I would thoroughly enjoy that but I've porned my computer to death
by frankyfarts May 20, 2010
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a guy with the honor of earning a nautical term or boat name.

A guy who loves to party with his mates like he's on a boat. (super bro)
guy 1: did you see Andy last night?
guy 2: dude he was a steamboat!

That boat boy was grinding on every bitch he saw last night!
by frankyfarts March 12, 2010
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Post girlfriend disorder is a condition in which one grovels in pitty resulting in severe lonliness, bitterness, and assholeness. Your bros start to notice your negative dimeanor and worry. They try to include you in what should be fun activities but turn horribly wrong and every one just ends up talking about the scorpion women.
Guy 1: "hey man you up for a movie?"
Guy 2: "kerry likes movies (pathetic sigh)."
Guy 1: "you need to get out of this P.G.D. man."
by frankyfarts May 26, 2010
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interacting on facebook while under the influence of a mind altering substance especially including but not limited to marijuana and alchohal.
"Dude last night I smoked like three bowls and and jumped on spacebook.
by frankyfarts May 10, 2010
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