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coined by my boi x-to-the-z xzibit on his show "pimp my ride." used to describe vehicles. here's a couple of ways it can be used:
-when referring to cars, wheels have to at least be 17" with little gapage between the fender and tire.
-referring to 4x4's, big tires and wheels (or just big wheels), lift, drop...etc
-can be used to describe entire car. very few stock cars are sitting right. often includes paint, body style, wheels/tires, engine, suspension
"daaaaaamn nigga dat whip is sitting right!"
by gb_junkie May 05, 2005
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termed by X-to-the-Z Xzibit on the popular show, Pimp My Ride. Refers to a new set of rims/tires that are much hotter than the factory se. In most cases, bigger wheels, lower profile tires. But when refering to a offroad vehicle...bigger tires and smaller rims. Can also refer to the way a car has been lowered or raised. Basically, one bad ass ride.
"Daaaaaaaamn, dat whip be sittin right dawg!"
by gb_junkie March 17, 2005
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