Make my tea just so.

Stick it in her cunt just so, don't go too deep.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
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When an annoying fangirl is fangirling about how her fangirling item did something new
Fangirl: omg I went to the concert and he was so omg and overall it was so omg. This is just so omg
by شمسية January 2, 2015
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"That's just so 2020!" I propose this phrase enter the lexicon - not as in "This is so 20th century!" meaning "retro" or "old fashioned," but as one friend, M.A., said, "Do you mean that it's like all the other wild crap that has happened this year? As in, 'Get in line, Whale, your issue is not special.'"? Yes, that. Exactly that.
"A humpback whale took a wrong turn in Australia and ended up in crocodile-infested waters? That's just so 2020!"
by HJ-Tex September 14, 2020
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A phrase tacked on to the end of a statement to imply that the information being given is simply a courtesy, when in reality there are specific expectations of you now that you have this information
What Danielle says to guy she's been seeing: Oh, hey I decativated my profile on the dating website, just so you know.

What Danielle REALLY means: You better take your dang profile off the dating website too....NOW!!!!
by Dwad!!!! June 29, 2010
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"Here's me being a dick:" or "You're not going to like this but you're not allowed to reply:" are synonymous.
"Just so you know: in the new building there will be no dogs allowed." "Just so you know: I've always hated that sweater."
by T. Z. Müller November 10, 2011
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