Something u wear on ur arm that tells u the time.
by A casualty of heartbreak May 20, 2005
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something on your wrist to tell the time
i have a new watch
by sharks28 October 26, 2016
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If you have "a watch," it's to have a group of people watching or surveilling you.
I've got a million dollar watch and they don't even know it.
by thatradtallguy June 8, 2020
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1. an item a douchebag who knows the time owns.

2. faggots where watches in order to show that they have so much money, they can waste it on tacky ugly useless shit like shiny watches. They like to call attention to these watches by making a scene about having to "TAKE OFF MY 5000 WATCH BEFORE I PUT MY HAND CREAM ON!" so that they can later jerk off to old men shoving hot pink decorative dildos up each others ass holes.
bob - Hey dude lets jerk off together while we watch this hot porn we bought yesterday!

dan - yeah sure! FIRST let me take off my million dollar tacky ass watch so i dont get cum or hand cream on it!

bob - *mutters under breath* you watch-wearing shit head.
by jennaandgraceHOTTNESSS<3 January 25, 2010
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Something said right before a person does something amazingly stupid.
Hey Peter, watch this!
*jumps off the roof with an umbrella and breaks both legs*
by TheDumbGuy July 15, 2005
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If you watched these notebooks, they'd become a watch.
by Irishhpirate February 17, 2020
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Person 1: Hey watch this!
Person 2: *looks at person 1*
Person 1: *attempts to do a backflip and falls off of a building*
by VioletThePurple October 17, 2020
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