To trim or cut off the hair, wool, branches, or horns of
polled the sheep

polled the trees.
by TT@t July 9, 2009
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A term symbolic of a young promiscuous female who frequently gets rammed. A teenage female who, when getting humped, hears her male partner telling a friend to "Get out" while he continues humping her. A teenage female who says "Let's go to your car" to a guy after he says "hi" to her and proceeds to boff him in the car. A teenage female about whom a teenage boy says to a friend in response to the friend's inquiry "How did you get her to suck your balls?", “I said, ‘Suck my nuts.’" A teenage female who is with a guy who says "Just think, me AND Moon" as he is doing her, encouraging her to have a threesome with his friend. A teenage female whose pussy is amazingly close to her ass. A teenage female who inadvertently uses her teeth when sucking chod.
Hey, Swain, I rammed Polls last night.
by P'tainz November 3, 2010
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obsessively checking your mailbox to see if your online acquaintance you're flirting with has emailed you
i can't work properly this morning because i can't stop polling. maybe i should tell my therapist about it.
by emmar February 27, 2007
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Something that supposedly shows what the majority of the people want. Something that has nothing to do with what the people/country needs. Something usually ignored by conservatives. Something that George Bush isn't doing so well in.
Polls have absolutely nothing to do with what we need.
Polls help show what the country wants.
Person 1: Hey, do you want to go to the polls?
Person 2: Oh, sweet, maybe I'll get to see tits!
P1: No, you pervert, the Polls. You know, where you vote on your opinions!
P2: Oh. So do we still get to go to the strip club?
P1: No, god dammit.
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chugging a large amount of alcohol- preferably fireball🔥
by ratchetbtxh July 28, 2018
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Alternatieve naam voor Paul. Niet te verwarren met pula of pollen.
We kunnen niet naar ne film zien, Polle is hier.
by dwoazen appel November 9, 2020
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Informative but not very useful

Iam "I read a poll to day about what people do about mental illness..."

Hym "Hey! You're back! Can't you believe this shit!? Look at how bold their getting!"

Iam "Can I just finish this please?"

Hym OHO! We're super duper serious tonight! Ok! 🤐"
Iam "The poll asked what people do about their mental illness... 72% of people said they 'Suffer in silence.' Can you believe that? I can. What are your other options? I don't know. Download the BetterHelp app? It just seems so impersonal. Enter into the psychiatric system that you can't afford? At that point, you're working a job just so you can afford to maintain your sanity. Go to some idiot psychologist who's going to tell you 'Yeah! You're right! You are a woman with a penis! That's totally a thing that exists!' Proclaim it to the heavens and either be ignored for 'wanting attention' because before you even open your mouth you've already been undermined by people who have turned mental illness into a performance art? Find meaning? If the onus is on me I'm probably just not going to do it. I'll get discouraged by people actively trying to tear me down and I'll just stop caring. So what is there to do other then suffer in silence? You know... I wrote a poem along those lines in highschool... Something about a tree... I can't remember what it was... Apparently it earned me a reputation of being 'good at poetry.' Somebody brought it up later and said 'aren't you supposed to be good at this?' I genuinely wouldn't know the difference... I don't know where I was going with this..."

Hym "But did you see the references though!? They are doing the thing!"

Iam "I'm going back to sleep...."

Hym "Wha... Are you angry with me!? What did I do? Hey! We were right! They're doing it!"
by Hym Iam June 3, 2022
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