Simply means the one,

Can be either, the chosen one, or the best of the best.
"You trully are the swain"
by thank god for boobies September 24, 2005
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A town with a ski resort and the raise the taxes that even pornstars can’t afford and not even a discount at the resort. Anyways beautiful views
Swain is good for vacations but not to live in
by Ifrickonthefirstdate69 June 19, 2019
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A non gender specific term used to describe Someone who is unsure of their facts and is often confused by the simplest of tasks.

To swain is to falcify a story to try and make an event in your life seem more interesting.
"Antony's just come up to me and he says he got with three birds last night, he's a right swain."
by Rob's A Ginger Cunt February 28, 2009
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the hottest of the hott. and the best.

of the best.
"Did Swain really just call that a sticky whippy? YOUR awesome, Swain. No, really."
by j-dizzle March 17, 2005
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a red killing sweater that will possess you. an oc made by mallek. a song was written about him by jacob satoriaus.
i am dressed as swaine” - mallek
by the velma stans July 27, 2021
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Usually a Lord, but sometimes just a massive bellend.
Look at that Swaine acting all high and mighty when really hes just a bellend!
by Jessabelle downs June 9, 2018
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To ejaculate, often in a public place
I wouldn't sit in that lawn chair if I was you. You never know who might have swained on it.
by Jeff April 26, 2005
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