A tall wooden platform with a ramp for mountian bikers and BMXers to roll in from to send it on some sick trails and jumps.
Bill: Where'd Tommy go?
Jim: He's up on the mailbox getting ready to send it.
by spoonlessc August 21, 2020
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a person who says nothing of note ie. Spam
You're a mailbox
by M4rt January 25, 2023
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Typically, mail boxing requires three people; two being 'together' and the third man being .. unfortunate. In on it Person A will either walk up to Unsuspecting Civilian, and perhaps engage them conversation. Meanwhile, in on it Person B will creeper-sneak behind Unsuspecting Civilian and go on all fours behind them. Person A will then shove Unsuspecting Civilian, who falls backward in a confused and, hopefully amused heap while Person B gets up unaffected. To be a successful mail box team requires time and practice, and it can be beneficial to stick with one partner (especially for the more difficult endeavors). If you find yourself an Unsuspecting Civilian, you should be happy to know that you are worth mail boxing and it's all in good fun (or is it?)

Mail boxing tends to involve three people, but can include many more if a mail box war breaks out. It is a great way to pass gym classes with subs or introduce new members to your crew or track team. (No, it's not hazing!) Such should be done in grassy areas or padded mats; avoid dangerous objects such as concrete and knives. >.>
Morgan: hey, let's go mailbox Broch.
Kristen: okay, shotty knees.

Morgan: Hey what's up?
Broch: Not, much, you?
Kristen: *crawls behind Unsuspecting Civilian*
Morgan: Oh, you know, not much.
Broch: So, you wann--*is pushed*
Morgan & Kristen: *giggle and run*
Broch: What the fuck?!
by fauxnature May 26, 2008
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When someone corners another person and kisses them with no way for the other person to escape
I just got mailboxed by Jake

I'm gonna mailbox that chick over there ;)
by allenssnakes November 25, 2011
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Inviting target for heaving melons. Melons may include paradise melons, watermelons, or "gallon" melons. Quite satisfying when contact is made. Points given for damage done. One point for contact, two for dent, three for knocking it sideways, four for knocking it completely of post, or schfifty-five points for taking out the pole and the box.
(That's a record that's only been done once)
"Hey Garrett, let's go mailboxing!"
"Sure, but only if Chase doesn't drive"
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A male who just stands there, looks at females and does annoying male-like things, such as make immature/inconsiderate comments; not a scrub, although the 2 terms are quite simular.
Stacy: Joe keeps staring at Jen. He's such mailbox!
by Amrita R. October 15, 2006
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Mailbox (n.) - The anus. Often reffered to in a sexual sense.

See chocolate starfish
I banged her in the mailbox and it smelled.

I whitewashed her mailbox.
by rmw998 May 19, 2004
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