It is another word for saying... NOT!
Mike- Stankus can speak real good.....NIET!
Mike- Asian...
by Linky daddy February 23, 2009
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It means no.
It's a negation.
Thiago: Hey, do you want to go out to eat?
Andrea: Niet

ex 2
Boyfriend: Babe, do you allow me to go out with the boys tonight?
Girlfriend: Niet

Boyfriend: ok babe. cuddles?
Ex 3
Friend 1: Hey, you saw Emma? she looks terrible with those bangs!
Friend 2: Ya, like niet
by andreitttacorrea March 22, 2020
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The title of the Russian national anthem after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The title literally translates to "Never! Never Again" as a memory the difficult period that the Russians had to ensure during the times of the Soviet Union.

The three words - "Niet Niet Stoivoi" are sung in a repetitive loop to an hymn that highly resembles the one of "Amazing Grace".
"Niet Niet Stoiiivoiiiiii, Niet Niet Stoivoi" with the left hand on the right part of the chest where there is no heart - to symbolize the Siberian cold temperature and dark history
by Mikhail Gorbachev's Wife December 10, 2018
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