chod is a hindi/urdu slang word for 'fuck'. Mostly used as a ver b though can be used as a noun. Is the most common word for fuck used in the Indian Subcontinent(mostly India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).
'Maine ek randee ko chod diya' - I fucked a prostitute.(used as verb)

'Kya chod macha rakhee hai?'- What the fuck are you doing?(used as a noun)

'Main to chud gaya' - I got fucked. Used when one has committed some blunder.

Frequently used in maderchod(mother fucker), behanchod(sister fucker), betichod(daughter fucker), chhorichod(girl fucker), kudichod(girlfucker)
by Pankaj January 28, 2005
A dick that is wider than long
She tried to suck the chod, but had a hard time handling the sheer girth of it.
by Ben July 18, 2003
shit, poo, crap
usually referring to dog shit
person 1 "for fucks sake"
person 2 "what"
person 1 "i've just trod in some dog chod. what a cunt"
by chimp101 March 5, 2008
a dick that is fatter around than it is tall, almost resembiling a pancake.
that guy must have a hard time wacking his chod!
by silvercandiez May 11, 2005
A massive turd. A shit of breathtaking dimensions.
He grit his teeth and held on the seat for dear life as the massive chod snaked out of Whitey's arse.
by Clyney May 15, 2004
a penis wider then it is long

often associated with the Childrens Hospital Of Denver
i heard that faggot over there has a huge chod
by grant proctor777 July 21, 2008
Rubbish, lame, awful, atrocious.
(origin: South West England)
"I've got to quit, my job is complete chod"
by chris wheelie April 21, 2005