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Oh? You're going to release all of it? Wonder where he got that idea... Hmm... Good plan. Genius even! You might become a world renowned genius and archetypal figure!
Hym "Yeah, see!? When you're in dire straights I AM THE THING YOU EMULATE. Clearly the strongest living entity. And best. Better than everyone. Literally the greatest. I called dibs on it (if you recall). That's 3 now. Wait 4... Wait, no, 6. Wait... Steven, Mark, Todd, Jordan, Kanye, Andrew... Yep... 6. 6 famous millionaires. Tippy-top of the food chain. I can't figure out a way to sneak 'personal information' in here so... There..."
by Hym Iam April 30, 2023
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Do you really think that I wouldn't?
Hym "Say that again? Which thing? I hate repeating myself but you know I'll say it again right? Yeah... You know... You guys seem to forget that you've been talking about the type of guy that I am for my entire life. You realize that right? Was I not on your radar? And now you're mad that I've had my say? That's all it will ever. 'I deserve this more than the people who don't have it.' The 'haves' and the 'have nots' perpetually. Egh, I'm getting communist-y. You act like you're not doing anything to me. 'You can make me do a thing I don't want to do!' I'm not making anyone do anything and the thing I want to be done is 'acknowledge my existence'. Which makes what you're doing 'Shunning.' You're shunning me and trying to reframe it as me trying to make you do something you don't have to do. I'm being shunned. Ridiculous. It's ridiculous. That is you actively doing a thing to me. You're shunning."
by Hym Iam July 30, 2022
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Is what woman project on to men with big dicks to detract from the fact that they just hopped on the fastest cock they could find. This happens between "Initial Attraction" and continues until the "Label Phase" begins (Where you call yourself a couple, or fuck buddies, or whatever imaginary word or term you come up with for "Doubling down on the fat cock". After the "Label Phase", the "Rose colored shades" slowly fade and you are brought down to "Reality" and the "Novelty" of the first two phases is either replaced with "Nostalgia" or the relationship continues to deteriorate or end.
It looks something like this:

"Label Phase"

/ \ /

"RIP" / \ "RCGF" "Nostalgia" /

/ \ "Reality" /
"IA"/ \_______________/

/ \

\ "Deterioration"


So no. The piece of shit floppy cock you're fucking is not nor has he ever been great or good. Rather, you are either in the "RCGF" portion or the "Nostalgia" portion. Either way you're full of shit. Romanticized Ideation.
by Hym Iam November 9, 2020
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If you control the narrative you control the world, maaan 🚬😤
Hym "WRONG! Wrong idiot. You can't JUST control the narrative. You would need to control the narrative AND all propositional counter-narratives. And then you would need a unifying principle. Like some kind of mutual sadomasochistic ethic to tie the whole thing together. Like a binary religious system where one part believes that being the one who makes the rules isn't arbitrary and that they alone deserve it as a sort of birthright and the other would have to believe that suffering is sacrosanct and that endless toil performed unthinkingly is virtuous and that trying to get away with not working hard is sinful. That's how you control the world. Then you can just say words that don't mean anything all day while doing whatever you want in private because you're a god and the law of non-contradiction is something you can exempt yourself from. No one will be able to question you (without paying you) because the system will be predicated on ETHOS. Which means you can always reserve the right to arbitrarily discredit anyone you want and then no one will have have to listen to their LOGOS.... Parish the thought... Good thing that will never happen...."
by Hym Iam July 24, 2022
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Hym "Every 3rd letter? Did you get it when I did it?"
by Hym Iam March 14, 2023
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Good. It's a good thing. Hopefully it is as apocalyptic as dumb hippy liberals like to say it is and I get to watch them and their fuck trophies die.
Climate change is going to kill our kids!!!

Ok.... And what do I get for saving your kids lives?

We need to move past petty selfishness!

In exchange for what?

To save the world!

So, nothing. You want me to save the world for nothing? Because selfishness is bad?


And in what way do you contribute to my life that would make me want to go the for you? Is it positively or negatively?

I don't know.

It's negatively. Obviously. So, YOU'RE, the selfish one. You want to compell me to keep you alive and safe for nothing? I don't care if we all die. After I'm dead all of your lives are meaningless. So, how about this: for every one time you suck my dick; I will recycle a single item.

I'm not going to do that!

Well, then you don't care as much about the planet and the lives of your kids as you pretend to, now, do you?
by Hym Iam November 21, 2020
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Oh wow! What a prick! How is this the first time I'm seeing this interview!?
Hym "WOW! That was something. 'Are you angry?' what a stupid fucking question. That's another one of my problems. People and their aversion to anger. Fucking pathetic! I get that shit from the people around me too. From people I associate with and even Iam's mother from time to time. And it's like, it's your line of question that is angering me. Because it's intellectually dishonest. You're using questions as a means to weaponize your willful ignorance towards me. That Harald guys a fucking moron."

Iam "... And I hope you know that isn't what I'm trying to do here... Right? My thing is this: There are extreme problems in the relationships between men and women. We have this whole Red-pill and MGTOW thing going on right now and the solutions you're proposing aren't something they disagree with. So why do they exist? Because there is something wrong with relationships between men and women...."

Hym "And that's what we're trying to call attention to. Evolutionary biology is being co-opted by Red-Pill Men as a sort of Success theory/Rebranded Social-Darwinism and Hypergamy by Women as post-facto justification for lizard-brain rationalization and preference seeking."

Iam "I'm just trying to figure things out... Because everything else is tedious to me"

Hym "We hate doing things that are tedious!"

Iam "That's not everything but I'm on a Men/Women kick tonight but that's what I've been thinking about lately."

Hym "And that's YOUR fault."
by Hym Iam April 20, 2022
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