131 definitions by Hym Iam

She has sex with on of the retards that lives here.
Is what you were going to say. "And every other weekend... she fuck one of the retards who lives here"

I'm going to kill you too you know. I'll sit here with their corpses until you get here. It's going to be hard for me to stab her so I'll probably drown her in the bathtub but you? Easy.
by Hym Iam December 03, 2020
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Saying this is like implying you could try harder if you wanted to.
You don't have another gear. You're in the same place you've always been. You were given something you don't deserve. Worthless. Useless. All you'll ever do is alleviate some of the burden other have to bare for you. Garbage. You still don't get that you're just being puffed up by your retard support. You're nothing. Filth.
by Hym Iam December 19, 2020
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Who I will settle for if I cannot get to any of you.
If it isn't you it will be Anyone who knows your name or has seen your face.
by Hym Iam December 03, 2020
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Yeah you didn't do the thing I'm mad about but you are sorry that THEY did it so YOU'RE bad!
The term "Apologist" was made up by a dumb little girl. I didn't do the thing and I didn't get anything for not doing it. I'm not sorry for other people doing things to you. That's not my role in life. It's not my job to bare the guilt of other people's actions.
by Hym Iam November 25, 2020
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Good news if the person is a whore who fucked a retard instead of you.
Car accidents are ALMOST always tragic. Sometimes it's just a whore that fucked a retard instead of you.
by Hym Iam November 20, 2020
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Trying to destroy someone's reputation. This can be used to invalidate the person's claims after Post hoc. To project a status of moral or social inferiority on to a person and use their past to take their life away.
After my Character Assassination nobody can do any wrong around or to me. Run a sex cult in a retard house or do whatever you want to me. Mine is the only past that matters as far as they are concern and because of my past I am not allowed to participate in the present because the smug holier than thou garbage can stand to look at the face of their own hypocrisy. I display deviant behavior? It only justifies their behavior. The twist is that they don't have to be shunned for their wrong doings. They just get to hide behind their masks because the only person who knows what's behind the mask is me. And you've already been told not to listen to me. Why? Because I'm dead. My character has been assassinated. The word I speak lose all of their meaning. So, right now you think you're reading english but in reality you've been reading gibberish. My character was killed by a fat loser who works at McDonald's because they know someone who know of me.
by Hym Iam September 28, 2020
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Do you really think you deserve if you're a bunch of fat whores letting the staff of your establishment fuck one of the cripples in your farm?
Is it respect you deserve? Or is it a painful death?
by Hym Iam September 13, 2020
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