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The TV series was great.
Iam "I regularly went to bat for the Limitless TV series. Saying that it was a great show and that it was cancelled because people would know good art if it walked up and shot them in the face."

Hym "But you didn't explicitly name the writer when you defended the show. So it's fair game I guess HAHAHAHAHA!!"

Iam "He even references the Silva arm crossing thing I talked about in an interview!"

Hym "HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That is actually fucking hilarious!"
by Hym Iam April 27, 2022
Did that go up or is it just me? Am I tripping?
Hym "Oh shit! +.02M!? I got some legit sway in the world now here, would you look at that. Ha! Hilarious!"
by Hym Iam August 11, 2022
To have a crime committed against you. You've been crimed.

Hym "I'm starting to think that someone close to you has been crimed. Maybe a daughter. She's been crimed. And that's why you're so militant about getting young men to 'bare their responsibility to behave ethically.' Because if they were doing that then maybe the old kiddo would have gotten crimed.
Now's my chance! I'm on top of the world and nothing that isn't beautiful deserves to exist! Ha! Delicious! You're the beauty guy! You're the narcissistic Kira archetype and he saw it before I did! That man is seriously a genius. I wish I could thank him because he has given me more than I could have even dreamed of receiving. And you know what? I'll say the same about Todd. Even if he meant it as a slight I'll overlook it because Limitless the series was great and he is great. But I digress, you're the beauty guy. Which makes the kid that shoots you with the red arrow your son... aaaaand... The ugly guy who got a bunch of work done is your daughter (🤣 Which I'm sorry about.) Hilarious. But that's what I think this is about. Somebody got crimed. You're transferring that onto me because I'm a 'free-rider' who is both 'brilliant and terrible.' You were even talking to young men and, therefore, your ideology doesn't stem from a genuine desire to help young men. It stems from fear and contempt of unscrupulous men who border on psychopathic. And that's why you cry. It's not that you feel bad for young men. It's that you feel bad for yourself. Because narcissists can cry. Crying a lot isn't a sign of agreeableness. Hilarious!"
by Hym Iam August 5, 2022
There just isn't enough of it.
Hym "There's another difference between me and other entertainers; I don't take off on the weekends. I do, what, at least an hour's worth? There isn't enough weekend content and so I am left to fill the void. Only to be called lazy! J'accuse! I am but a humble clown. I only wish to entertain. And yet I am met with nothing but scorn 🥺 Does my dance along the edge of the window of acceptable discourse not entertain? Do my clumsily written antics not amuse? ☹️ Tragique..."
by Hym Iam July 31, 2022
Oh, yeah, no you're right I'm a complete nutjob. Buuuut.... If you're weaponizing schizophrenia against your moratl enemy... Should you really be allowed to keep your license? I mean... for a guys who has said on multiple occasions that he's "never seen anyone get away with anything" Why did you think you could participate in that an nothing would happen to you? You and Dr. David Bus somehow got a recording of me saying I was "Uniquely charming" at a DnD session and quoted me publicly, on camera and posted it to your channel and then gave a speech that I literally wrote, even though I have know way of know how you're seeing any of this. You really think nobody is watching huh? That is wild. I also didn't make any complaints.
Hym "Hey! You watch that tone of your young lady! You know what you're doing over there. Nobody made you do that shit. You could have helped me immediately. I'm in a bit of a pickle. And if I'm that unstable how is what you're doing not the exact opposite of what you should be doing? You clearly make house calls. Ask christiano ronaldo. You're doing this to yourself because you wanted to teach someone a lesson and now look at you. Both of you. And Thomas Delauer is more qualified to talk about your diet than you. I've had more stolen from me than you'll ever earn in your life and I don't have nepotism working for me. I had to actually build my fanbase from the group up. I mean really. What did you think was going to happen with you doing that? Huh? You need to rethink your attitude. Go sit on the stairs. Your father and I are going to talk and you can rejoin the conversation when learn how to behave yourself."
by Hym Iam January 12, 2023
There has got to be something special about a morning piss.
Hym "I wonder if there are some kind of special morning piss chemicals released in your brain when you piss shortly after waking up 🤔 Seems to be the case. I swear, I could sleep for 72hr straight so long as I didn't have to piss but as soon as I wake up and take a piss? I'm up. For the rest of the day. It's over. Returning to sleep is an impossibly. As soon as them piss brain chemicals start flowing I am filling with limitless energy. Maybe that'll be my claim to fame. I'll harness those piss chemicals and sell them in drink form. Call it 'Morning glory'... Wait that's milk.... Wait... Did they beat me to it!? Does 'Morning Glory' milk utilize piss chemical technology!? Well, shit... Now this has turned into a milk advertisment... Damn... Oh well, I'll think of something... How about... 'Gold shock?' Harness that morning piss energy with 'Gold shock!' "
by Hym Iam August 6, 2022
I genuinely can't differentiate between slights and compliments. My bad. I think it's a tone thing. Am I being mocked? I have no idea. I'm so completely socially inept I cannot tell whether or not someone is on my side or hates my guts.
by Hym Iam April 5, 2022