obsessively checking your mailbox to see if your online acquaintance you're flirting with has emailed you
i can't work properly this morning because i can't stop polling. maybe i should tell my therapist about it.
by emmar February 27, 2007
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what your best friends moms likes to do in front of you when your trying to play roblox
STOP POLLING KAIRIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by num nut December 06, 2019
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A term symbolic of a young promiscuous female who frequently gets rammed. A teenage female who, when getting humped, hears her male partner telling a friend to "Get out" while he continues humping her. A teenage female who says "Let's go to your car" to a guy after he says "hi" to her and proceeds to boff him in the car. A teenage female about whom a teenage boy says to a friend in response to the friend's inquiry "How did you get her to suck your balls?", “I said, ‘Suck my nuts.’" A teenage female who is with a guy who says "Just think, me AND Moon" as he is doing her, encouraging her to have a threesome with his friend. A teenage female whose pussy is amazingly close to her ass. A teenage female who inadvertently uses her teeth when sucking chod.
Hey, Swain, I rammed Polls last night.
by P'tainz November 03, 2010
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Originally meaning 'head'. Now a counting of heads, a survey of opinion or preference, a vote.
Every poll in 2016 showed that Trump was a joke, with eight percent chance of winning. Every poll in 2020 shows that Trump will lose by a large margin. Don't get complacent. Use your head. Vote.
by Monkey's Dad July 03, 2020
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Something that supposedly shows what the majority of the people want. Something that has nothing to do with what the people/country needs. Something usually ignored by conservatives. Something that George Bush isn't doing so well in.
Polls have absolutely nothing to do with what we need.
Polls help show what the country wants.
Person 1: Hey, do you want to go to the polls?
Person 2: Oh, sweet, maybe I'll get to see tits!
P1: No, you pervert, the Polls. You know, where you vote on your opinions!
P2: Oh. So do we still get to go to the strip club?
P1: No, god dammit.
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Alternatieve naam voor Paul. Niet te verwarren met pula of pollen.
We kunnen niet naar ne film zien, Polle is hier.
by dwoazen appel November 09, 2020
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